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The Sweet Reason Putri Ariani Auditioned for AGT — and Wants Simon to Manage Her

"AGT is the door to the next level," she explained. 

By Jackie Manno

Singer Putri Ariani already knows what she wants! 

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In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, the mega-talented Season 18 AGT Contestant said she has her mind set on working with a very specific veteran of the music industry.

"Simon [Cowell] is a very great producer and he always knows how to manage and how to make a big singer, and I really want to like that someday. He would be a big help for that dream to come true," she told the outlet. "I want to know how to become a superstar. I really want to go around the world."

Hailing from Indonesia, Ariani has become an AGT fan favorite after her dazzling singing Audition. (More on that later.) "I watched AGT most of my life. I hoped that someday I could be a part of the show," she said. "That's been my dream. And for me, AGT is the door to the next level."

She added, "I would be so very grateful and winning AGT is not about me, not just about me, but also about the world. How I can give my contributions and gifts to the world and how I can influence and inspire other people who have similar or the same conditions as me that still live in different countries. I want them to be brave, and to reach their dream and to do more and as much as I do." 

Ariani is blind, and as she said before her AGT Audition, “My biggest challenge is people look at me just as a blind person, not that I’m a musician, but when I’m singing, I feel like a silver star."

Simon Cowell attends an America's Got Talent red carpet.

About Putri Ariani's AGT Audition

For AGT,  Ariani played the piano and sang her original song, "Loneliness." While the audience was cheering their heads off during the set, Cowell did something unprecedented: He walked onto the stage himself to directly speak to Ariani. 

"This song is special for you, Simon," Ariani responded sweetly before launching into "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" by Elton John. 

"That was incredible!" Host Terry Crews exclaimed while jumping up and down. 

"We're all mesmerized by you, your voice, you're an angel!," Sofia Vergara gushed. 

The Judges on Americas Got Talent

"You're a superstar!" Howie Mandel agreed. 

“Well, I think we’re all feeling the same thing. “You know, you’re 17. You write songs, you’ve got an amazing distinctive voice, and I mean, really, really good. You have kind of a glow about you,” Cowell said before promptly standing up and pressing his much-deserved Golden Buzzer for her.