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How Golden Buzzer Act Murmuration Got a Standing Ovation at the Live Shows

The French dance troupe included a special surprise in their Live Show performance.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

The last time we saw French dance troupe Murmuration, Howie Mandel awarded them with a Golden Buzzer following their "mesmerizing" audition.

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Inspired by the synchronized movement of birds, the group largely uses quick arm and hand movements known as Tutting to create various illusions and shapes. The movement are created by choreographer Sadeck Berrabah, while the team is led by Jibril Maillot on stage.

"A lot of our performers are not professional dancers. They are actually students and they try to learn more everyday," Maillot said during the show.

In the end, Murmuration was voted into the week's Top 2 alongside Ahren Belisle, meaning they advanced to the Top 11 on September 26 to compete for the $1 million grand prize.

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Murmuration gets a standing ovation during Live Shows

Americas Got Talent's Murmuration performing

For their Live Show performance on August 29, Murmuration pushed the envelope even further when compared to their initial Audition.

"After we got the Golden Buzzer, I got a lot of questions, but I love questions," Berrabah said. "The first one was 'Simple. Just only the arms?' For this one I wanted to enter in a new universe. It's gonna be harder. All about details." 

The dancers did just that, spelling out the phrase "Stop hate. We need love and unity," with their arms for a thrilling finale as they closed out the show.

All four Judges jumped to their feet with applause as soon as the routine was over.

"It's been amazing, like, even like the crowd was amazing too," Maillot told People. "It was better than our dreams."

The Judges react to Murmuration

America's Got Talent Breakout Murmuration onstage

Howie Mandel: "That was perfection. I love the music, I love the imagery, I love the uniqueness. They did so many wonderful things with their hands and arms and music and body. America we're asking you to do one things with your hands. Vote. They have to be in the final."

Simon Cowell: "I'm gonna be honest with you. This was in a different league to anything we've seen so far, honestly. And I know we all have different tastes, you know we all like different things, but honestly I think everyone watching at home is just gonna be thinking what I'm thinking and what we're thinking. It was perfection, literally perfection."

Sofia Vergara: "The whole thing was breathtaking. This is what AGT is all about. This is something that is making all of us get excited, getting goosebumps. It's like spectacular. It shows the work, it shows the love that you guys have. This is gonna be a special night for you guys for sure."

Heidi Klum: "You brought the music to life. You gave it a heartbeat, like I felt everyone's heartbeat, it was incredible. Not one of you was out of line, you were so in sync. It was absolutely magical, and you just kept on surprising us with more beautiful things. I have to say, I didn't give you enough credit last time. You all are amazing."