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Inside Sainted’s Trap Choir Audition Sofia Called One of Her Favorite AGT Acts Ever

The 26-person trap choir from the south, Sainted, wanted to "shine" with a performance several Judges called Coachella-worthy.

By Jax Miller
Sainted: Trendsetting Choir REDEFINES Music with "Just Wanna Rock" | Auditions | AGT 2023 | NBC

Audiences and Judges alike were “blessed” during one Act’s performance on America’s Got Talent, and we can’t wait to see where it goes.

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Watch the Season 19 premiere of America’s Got Talent Tuesday, May 28 at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock

AGT Season 18 continues to bring us talented Acts from around the world, including a 26-person choir called Sainted. Formed in 2020 and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, members refer to themselves as a “trap choir” for incorporating gospel, worship, and trap music.

When asked by AGT Judge and executive producer Simon Cowell whose idea it was to bring their performance onto the AGT stage, the group said it was “God’s idea.”

“When we first started, it was like, come one, come all,” said one Sainted member backstage. “We literally were calling our cousins, like, ‘Come be a part of this choir.’ And now, here we are.”

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Before taking the stage, Sainted reflected on how AGT has “millions and millions of viewers,” as one singer told AGT producers.

“This is something I wanted to do my entire life,” she said.

The group wore matching and loose-fitting dark gray outfits, many of them sporting sunglasses for a relaxed and comfortable look.

“You know, AGT has always been a place that puts artists on the map, and that’s what we wanted to do,” said a member on behalf of the rest of the group. “We wanted to come and shine today, right before the world.”

What is trap music?

Americas Got Talent 1802 Sainted2

Trap music is a specific style of rap music that originated in the South in the United States back in the 1990s.

Like rap, words are typically spoken rather than sung in trap music, but it stands out from other kinds of hip hop thanks to a "multilayered and percussive sound," according to the Cambridge Dictionary. It's inspired by club music and EDM as well.

While Sainted calls itself a "trap choir," it also incorporated dance, gospel music, and other musical elements into its Act.

What songs did Sainted sing?

The group first sang the Migos' 2016 mega hit "Bad and Boujee" followed by Lil Uzi Vert's "Just Wanna Rock". The piece eventually incorporated the 1993 dance favorite “You’ve Got to Show Me Love” by Robin S. and Sandeville, which kept the Judges singing even after the group exited the stage.

Sainted’s piece featured a show-stopping vocal arrangement by one of the singers halfway through the performance, who commanded the audience’s attention by calling out, “It’s time to party, AGT!”

Americas Got Talent 1802 Sainted

The ensemble ended the song the same way they began, with hands in the praying position, and one singer flaunting a handheld fan that read, “Shook.”

What did the Judges say about Sainted?

Long-time AGT Judge Howie Mandel noted the fan “said it all.”

“It’s young, it’s exciting, it’s not what you think choir is,” Mandel said of the Act. “You should be on the big stage at Coachella; I would see every concert you guys play at.”

Judge Heidi Klum agreed with Mandel’s idea about Coachella and seemed to love every aspect of the performance.

“I love your vibe, I love how every single one of you look, the outfits,” said Klum. “The choreography, it’s fantastic! Love all of you. Love!”

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“It was one of my favorites,” said Judge Sofia Vergara, who listed off what she especially loved about Sainted. “It was creative, the dancing was great, it was fun, the voices are amazing. I mean, you guys have done a really good job.”

Judge Cowell agreed, saying he “loved everything” about the talent.

“I have to thank you, I have to thank God because he brought you here, so thank you, and I mean that,” said Cowell. “You’re so cool, so current, then we get that amazing vocal halfway through.”

Cowell felt sure how his fellow Judges would vote, and indeed, all four Judges voted ‘Yes,” including Klum, who gave an emphatic “big fat yes.”

With Cowell being the last to vote in, he added: “I’m gonna say that’s about 4,000 yesses.”

The group jumped onstage with excitement before exiting to meet AGT Host Terry Crews backstage.

“You guys have just been ‘Sainted’ at AGT,” Crews excitedly told the choir.

To see more of Sainted and other talented Acts as the competition continues, watch America’s Got Talent every Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC, with episodes available to stream the next day on Peacock.

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