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Taylor Swift Made Jessica Chastain a Sweet Breakup Playlist

Swift made the sweet gesture to Chastain after they hit it off at The Met Ball—though the actress mistook it for an iTunes ad at first.

By Jackie Manno

When Jessica Chastain visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on December 16, she revealed a surprising connection that she made with the one and only Taylor Swift over 10 years ago. 

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"She's the best, it's crazy," Chastain told Jimmy Fallon. "I met her in 2011 at the Met Ball. It was the first year I was invited to the Met Ball, first year I had movies out. We were both sitting next to each other—we were next to Ryan Murphy, who was just starting to become successful with his TV shows."

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"I had just been through a breakup, I was talking to her about that. And we went and danced together. It was such a fun night," Chastain recounted. The following day, the Academy Award-winning actress learned how thoughtful Swift can be. 

"The next day, I had an email from iTunes, that said 'Taylor Swift' whatever, and I just thought it was a Taylor Swift album. She had made me a breakup playlist that she sent me. Isn't that the sweetest thing?"

"What? That's unbelievable!" Fallon exclaimed. 

"And here I was thinking it was just a Taylor Swift advertisement, and she had curated all these breakup songs to send me to help me get through my breakup," Chastain added with a smile. 

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A split of Jessica Chastain and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's friendship with Mariska Hargitay

Chastain isn't the only actress that Swift has been generous with. In an interview with Late Night With Seth MeyersMariska Hargitay revealed that she and Swift also originally met at The Met, before Swift reached mega stardom.

"I met her at the Met Gala, OK, and I was so uncool. And she's down there, she's like, ‘Hi, I like your show!’ And I'm like, ‘Oh thanks!’" the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit said. "I didn't know that she was like the second coming, right?”

The two truly became friends when Swift offered to give Hargitay and her husband, Peter Hermann, a ride home from an Ingrid Michaelson concert when the couple was stuck in Queens. Since then, Hargitay has appeared in Swift's "Bad Blood" music video, has joined her onstage, and has attended Swift's concerts with her daughter

Better yet, Hargitay and Swift are both cat lovers, with Swift naming one of her kitties "Olivia Benson" after Hargitay's SVU character. Hargitay returned the gesture by naming her cat after Swift's hit song, "Karma."