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Matt Bomer Describes Hanging Out with Taylor Swift in Her Debut Era

Fellow Travelers star Matt Bomer described what first meeting teenage Taylor was like back when she was Brad Paisley's opening act.

By Samantha Vincenty

Matt Bomer, Fellow Travelers star and the former star of USA's White Collar, stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on December 6 to talk about his new show, share his kid's plans for the holidays, and dish on why he didn't wind up playing one of the Kens in the 2023 Barbie movie

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Bomer, who would've made for an amazing Ken, even auditioned for a role in Greta Gerwig's film. "I got really into it, actually," Bomer told Jimmy Fallon, explaining that he wasn't sure whether the timing would work out. "I mean, I dressed up like Malibu Ken, I dressed up like Business Suit Ken. I had like four different looks going on."

"You went method," Fallon joked. 

Alas, Bomer's schedule didn't line up with Gerwig's. And even more importantly, Bomer said, "I would have been away from my family for a year, which was just too much time away."

"I think they made a perfect movie, and it was cast perfectly," Bomer said, having no regrets—though he'd still love to work with Gerwig someday.

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Matt Bomer on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1885

Matt Bomer describes meeting Debut Era Taylor Swift 

Recent Tonight Show guest Brad Paisley happens to be a family friend of Matt Bomer's, which is how Bomer wound up on Paisley's bus during his 2008 Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour. It was there that Bomer met Paisleys opening act, a curly-haired young singer-songwriter named Taylor Swift

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"It was her first album, she was just starting out," Bomer said. "But she was this teenager performing in front of these massive stadiums. And after every song she'd be like, 'oh my gosh, I can't believe you like my music!'"

Bomer chatted with Swift backstage, and couldn't help but notice her dedication to fans even then. 

"She was at every fan signing, and she just had that confidence that you knew she was going to be a megastar," Bomer raved. 

Who are Matt Bomer's husband and kids?

Matt Bomer married publicist Simon Halls in 2011. Bomer and his husband have three kids together—all boys: Twins Walker and Henry, born in 2008, and Kit, who was born in 2005.

Bomer told Fallon that he tends to "go a little overboard" during the holiday shopping season, but his sons actually reigned him in this year.

"I was proud of our kids," he said. "They kind of staged an intervention this year and said, 'listen, there are three things we want, here's what we are. Let's just spend some time together."