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Howie Mandel Looks Exactly Like His 7-Year-Old Grandson Axel in This Throwback Pic

The America's Got Talent: Fantasy League Judge and his grandchild share one undeniable feature. 

By Jackie Manno

While Howie Mandel's 39-year-old daughter Jackelyn Shultz has inherited her father's funnybone. And it looks like his grandson also inherited another prominent feature of his.

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On February 4, Shultz posted a current picture of her son 7-year-old son, Axel, and compared it with a vintage snapshot of his grandpa, Mandel. In the photo, there is no denying the resemblance between the two, especially when it comes to the thick head of curly, dark hair.  While Howie owns the bald look now, he has a well-documented history of rocking a full head of curls back in the day). 

''Thanks dad for passing down your curly locks to my son. #AxelJackson,'' Shultz captioned the post. 

See the adorable picture here

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Howie Mandel in St. Elsewhere

Howie Mandel on why he loves being a grandpa

Mandel has three children with his longtime wife, Terry Mandel: Schultz, Alex Mandel, 34, and Riley Ehrlich, 31. Along with Axel, Howie has another grandchild, Abbey, Schultz's oldest.

When Mandel was on The Jennifer Hudson Show in January, he announced some wonderful news: he was expecting his third grandchild, as Riley was pregnant at the time. (Mandel has since shared the sweetest picture of the newborn girl on January 25).

"Grandchildren, had I known it was this good and this much fun, I would've done that first," Mandel said to Hudson. "To have a child, to have a baby, to have this bundle of joy, this love that I can't get enough of. And then to be able to give it back when it starts to smell,"

The comedian then lit up when a picture of Abbey and Axel came onscreen. "That's my little girl and my little guy. That's the joy of my life. That's all that matters in my life, are those two," he beamed. 

"The beauty is, when you have babies, they think you're a superhero," Mandel added. "You're the greatest thing in the world. And then a switch goes off at a certain age where you're just dumber than a rock. Not cool at all. I thought I would be a cool dad, they just... no."

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Mandel is also close with Abbey, as the America's Got Talent: Fantasy League Judge posted a sweet moment with his granddaughter in October 2023. In a serious of snapshots of them doing a photoshoot together, they made goofy faces towards the camera, before Abbey gave Howie some instructions on how to properly pose. 

"Abbey crashed Papa How’s photoshoot,"  Shultz commented on the post.

Check out the cute pictures here.