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Howie Mandel Did a Photoshoot with His Granddaughter & She Looks Just Like Him

The America's Got Talent Judge and Abbey looked super happy in the photos. 

By Jackie Manno

Howie Mandel is a proud grandpa!

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On October 24, the America's Got Talent Judge posted some heartwarming snapshots doing a fun photoshoot with his young granddaughter, Abbey. The pictures show Mandel and Abbey smiling and making goofy faces at the camera while Abbey adorably wore a Goosebumps hoodie, and Mandel rocked some round black shades. We then catch a glimpse of a clip of Abbey showing her grandpa how to pose in front of the camera. How sweet! And can we just say, the two look just alike.

"Abbey crashed Papa How’s photoshoot," Mandel's daughter, Jackelyn Shultz, wrote on the post. 

Check out the cute pictures here. 

Howie and Abbey have the sweetest relationship. On August 21, Mandel posted a fun clip of Abbey giving him a "makeover," aka putting tissue paper, spoons, and a candle on his head. 

"Abbey, what are you doing?" Mandel jokingly protested in the clip while Abbey giggled. "What is it for? Where can I go like this?" Glow-up alert!

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Howie Mandel's relationship with his daughter, Jackelyn Shultz

Mandel is also close with Abbey's mother, his daughter 38-year-old daughter, Jackelyn Shultz. Mandel and Shultz currently host a hilarious podcast together called Howie Mandel Does Stuff, which features weekly, hour-long episodes where they bring on A-list stars and ask them raunchy questions about their personal lives. 

“[The podcast] came out of the fact that during the pandemic, we couldn’t see each other—we would spend hours on the phone together, me and Jackie — and we’d be making prank calls, and we would be just laughing, and being inappropriate, and pranking her mom, just having fun,” he said. “My wife would walk in and go, ‘Who is this for, what is this even for?’ And I’d go, ‘We’re just having fun,” Mandel told Access Hollywood about how the project came to be. 

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Mandel and Shultz also like to engage in some amusing antics together. On August 9, Mandel shared a snapshot of him and Shultz wearing a bright coordinated outfit. More specifically, they both rocked some matching neon overalls from clothing brand Teddy Fresh.

Shultz and her dad twinned in December 2022 when she teased Mandel by using a bald filer on her head and posting it on Instagram. "Wait, I look like someone..." she wrote over the video before zooming in on Mandel. 

Good thing Mandel likes to embrace his signature bald look. In a September interview with NBC Insider, he talked about why he's proud of his smooth head. "I love turtles, and I think I look like a turtle,” he cheekily told us.