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Howie Mandel's Granddaughter Doing His Hair Will Put a Smile on Your Face

The America's Got Talent Judge got a very different look from the little girl. 

By Jackie Manno

Howie Mandel just had a top-notch makeover from his granddaughter Abbey. 

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On August 21, the America's Got Talent Judge posted a whimsical video of him playing with his granddaughter. She helped him with a major glow-up, but with some unconventional materials. 

"Abbey, what are you doing?" Mandel teased in the clip, revealing a bunch of tissue paper held together by spoons placed on his head. When Abbey confidently stated that the decorations were supposed to be his hair, Mandel said "But what is it for? Where can I go like this?" As the perfect cherry on top, he then poked at a candle placed on the center of his head, and Abbey walked away giggling. 

Mandel went through multiple looks that day, as he also posted a funny snapshot of him wearing a fluffy wig and making a goofy face at the camera. 

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Mandel has had quite the hair journey over the past few decades, which he has historically documented on social media. He has posted pictures of himself from high school in the 1970s, and fans might be surprised to learn that he rocked a luscious mane back in the day. Fast forward a decade later during his St. Elsewhere days, and he also managed to pull off the '80s perm trend.

Then, in 2023, he showed off a fun video him wearing a wig with some bangs while backstage in a dressing room. 

Howie Mandel's podcast

Meanwhile, Mandel is close with his 38-year-old daughter, Jackelyn Shultz. He recently shared a picture of the two wearing some matching overalls, also giving a shoutout to his podcast "Howie Mandel Does Stuff."

Mandel hosts the popular podcast with Shultz, which started in 2021. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Mandel explained where the creative inspiration for the project came from. 

“[The podcast] came out of the fact that during the pandemic, we couldn’t see each other—we would spend hours on the phone together, me and Jackie—and we’d be making prank calls, and we would be just laughing, and being inappropriate, and pranking her mom, just having fun,” he said. “My wife would walk in and go, ‘Who is this for, what is this even for?’ And I’d go, ‘We’re just having fun.'”

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With Mandel's comedic background, he is not afraid to go into some raunchy territory while interviewing the celebrity guests. Episodes of "Howie Mandel Does Stuff" can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.