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Dr. Hannah Asher Gets Unsolicited “Full Frontal” Photo from Colleague — That She Uses to Diagnose Him

Dr. Asher agreed to a date with someone who works at the Chicago Med hospital, but then received a risqué photo from him that took a hilarious turn.

By Caitlin Schunn

After a disastrous dating experience with a guy she met on an app, Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) put herself out there again to try to find love on Chicago Med — but unfortunately, things didn't go much better this time around.

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Previously on the show, Hannah found out that the dating app match that she thought she hit it off with was actually married when his pregnant wife showed up at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. After that debacle, she swore off dating apps and Dr. Mitch Ripley (Luke Mitchell) suggested she try meeting someone "in real life."

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In the latest episode of Chicago Med — Season 9, Episode 4 — she appeared to take Dr. Ripley's advice. Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber), who returned to work after getting a life-saving kidney transplant from his son, told Hannah he spotted a guy in the emergency department "scoping you out at 6 o’clock.”

Hannah seemed to notice too and told Archer that was "Wyatt from pharma," and that they'd talked a few times and he “seems like a nice guy.”

Dr Hannah Asher and Dr Dean Archer on Chicago Med Episode 904

Hannah Asher set a dinner date with "Wyatt from pharma"

Later on in the day, Hannah and Wyatt caught each other stealing glances and smiled, which prompted Wyatt to stop over for a chat, in which Wyatt accused Hannah of checking him out, and she accused him of doing the same.

“Well, I guess we should get dinner then, right?,” he asked. “Settle the whole, ‘who’s been checking out who’ once and for all?” Hannah agreed to the date and gave him her phone number.

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Dr. Zola Ahmad (Sophia Ali) and Dr. Nellie Cuevas (Lilah Richcreek Estrada) were nearby during the exchange and wanted to hear all the details. “Wyatt just asked me out," Hannah told them. The others were impressed.

"Wow! Face to face," Zola said. "That’s confidence. Boyfriend material. Or boy toy.”

Hannah tried to settle Zola down with, “Easy, let’s not get carried away.”

But Nellie chimed in with: “I don’t know. There’s research that shows your brain knows what kind of relationship it wants as soon as you meet someone.”

Asher Loses a Patient | Chicago Med | NBC

Hannah Asher received "full frontal" photo via text from her date, Wyatt

But just as Hannah seemed set to go out on a normal first date, she walked with purpose to a table where Zola and Nellie were seated, and had an awkward update. 

“So, ladies, Wyatt just texted me,” Hannah explained, handing her phone to Nellie.

Taking one look at the image on Hannah's phone, Nellie let out an "Oh no," before saying, “That’s his ...”

Hannah filled in the blanks, proclaiming, “I was expecting, ‘Made reservations for 7.’ Instead, BAM! Full frontal.” 

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Zola — who after getting a look at the phone, seemed shocked, yet amused — asked Hannah, "Your first D pic?” Hannah replied: "Uh, yeah. Why? You’ve gotten one before?” 

Nellie asked, “One? I’m up to at least five," while Zola said she’s “stopped counting.”

A confused Hannah asked her fellow doctors: "What is he thinking? He sends this to me, and I’ll just start swooning? I mean, is this him flirting?”

Both women shared their theories with Hannah, before Zola, who'd been studying the photo, announced that despite the offensive nature of the pic, it's a great photo.

“Framed well, high quality, taken outside, natural lighting," Zola explained. 

Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) appears in Season 9 Episode 1 of Chicago Med

Chicago Med doctors tried to diagnose colleague based on "full frontal" text

Hannah, who took her phone back to further examine the photo, then noticed a potential problem with the photo's subject: a lesion she and fellow doctors Zola and Nellie suspected might be syphilis. 

What's more, Zola said, “Flashing his junk like that, gotta assume that he’s sexually active, means he could be spreading it.”

“Oh, he’s gotta get checked out,” Hannah exclaimed. “That means that I actually have to respond to this, and get him to take it seriously. What do I type?”

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Zola told her she has to “speak his language” to "make sure that he really gets the message." She offered to reply back to Wyatt.

Hannah looked at the message Zola typed back to Wyatt and read it aloud to Nellie, “Nice pic. Meet me in the ED. I want to see that thing in person.”

Mitch Ripley (Luke mitchell) and Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) appear in Season 9 Episode 3 of Chicago Med

Doctors Hannah, Zola, and Ripley trick Wyatt into surprise medical exam

When Wyatt showed up to meet Hannah, he was under the impression they were both there for a good time, saying to her, “I can’t believe it — I get to play doctor with a real doctor.”

But Hannah quickly walked out of the exam room, telling him, “the doctor will be with you in a moment.” Wyatt smiled and took his jacket off.

To Wyatt’s shock, Dr. Ripley walked in, announcing: “I hear you have a lesion on your penis.”

Later, Hannah broke the news to a nervous-looking Wyatt that he doesn’t have syphilis, but rather something called actinic keratoses, in that area.

“It’s a patch of rough, scaly skin caused by UV exposure,” Hannah explained. “Based on the pic you sent me, it's pretty clear you like to bask in the sun.”

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Despite the awkward situation, a relieved Wyatt continued flirting, and suggested to Hannah that if he hadn't sent her the photo, then they wouldn't "have this great origin story about how we met.”

“For real? You think we’re still gonna date?” Hannah asked in disbelief. “Hard pass. I can’t speak for all women, but for me, getting blasted with a close-up of your business is a giant red flag.”

Although the dating scene once again looked bleak for Hannah, there may be some hope as Nellie told Hannah that there are 40,000 single men in Chicago in her demographic, according to Google, “so you have to click with at least one of them.”

Coincidentally, Hannah spotted Dr. Ripley walking by at that moment, and agreed, “maybe.”

To find out if Hannah will ever find love, watch new episodes of Chicago Med on Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC and the next day on Peacock.