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Relive Dr. Hannah Asher's Incredible Journey on Chicago Med

Chicago Med's go-to OB-GYN has become a Chi-Hard fan favorite for her resilience and ceaseless positivity.

By Jessica White

The doctors and nurses of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center are an elite bunch, however, many Chicago Med fans would agree Dr. Hannah Asher — played by the dynamite Jessy Schram — goes a step above the rest. 

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As the hospital's most reliable OB-GYN, Hannah has seen some intense cases, but fans never tire of her resilience and determination when faced with adversity. And, she has a dark past but rarely allows her circumstances to influence her better judgment.

Hannah's charm has led to some wholesome Chicago Med romances, with her effortless magnetism attracting suitors as much as it comforts her patients.

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As a Chi-Hard fan favorite, Hannah continues to amaze with each appearance on Chicago Med. Let's dive into her emotional One Chicago journey to see how far the bright physician has come.

Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) stands near a patient bed in Chicago Med episode 804.

Who is Hannah Asher on Chicago Med?

Dr. Hannah Asher is one of the top doctors at Gaffney Medical Center, entering the fold in Season 5 of Chicago Med.

Her introduction in Season 5, Episode 12 ("Leave the Choice to Solomon") was fascinating because Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) met her as a struggling drug addict who had just overdosed. They actually met at an illegal safe injection site, where he administered a Narcan shot and had a nice chat with her.

Chi-Hards were left with their jaws on the ground after learning in Episode 13 ("Pain Is for the Living") that Hannah was a fellow doctor at Gaffney. Halstead was instantly suspicious of Hannah's addiction issues and how her proximity to prescriptions could impact her drug problem.

Hannah's subsequent recovery has been one of the most compelling emotional arcs of Chicago Med

Hannah Asher and Daniel Charles on Chicago Med

Hannah Asher's Difficult Chicago Med Beginnings

Hannah's entry into Chicago Med obviously wasn't the smoothest, and she and Halstead initially struggled to work together after each threatened to expose the other's questionable deeds outside of the workplace. With time, however, Halstead softened to Hannah, eventually trusting that her recovery and her work life were firmly separated and promising to help Hannah with her condition.

In Season 5, Episode 15 ("I Will Do No Harm"), Hannah and Halstead's relationship shifted from friends to "something more" after she invited him to her apartment, an invitation he accepted.

But in the very next episode ("Who Should Be the Judge"), Hannah arrived late for surgery, and Halstead made ever possible worst assumption. The two got into an argument, with Halstead nearly reporting Hannah's addiction to their supervisors and calling their hookup a mistake. The pair eventually reconciled after Halstead expressed regret for his words.

By the end of Season 5, Hannah and Halstead were on good terms, with him trusting in Hannah's recovery.

Hannah Asher and Will Halstead's Relationship

Hannah and Will on Chicago Med Episode 807

Six months passed between Season 5 and Season 6 of Chicago Med, a period that saw Hannah and Halstead become a bona fide couple and move in together.

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But, in Season 6, Episode 1 ("When Did We Begin to Change"), Hannah relapsed and overdosed after an argument with Halstead. He rushed her to the emergency department to be treated for the heroin overdose, telling her he loved her for the first time before she was rushed into surgery. 

Upon waking, Hannah apologized for her slip-up, telling Halstead she was upset at herself for disappointing him. She also revealed that, while she was touched by Halstead's affection for her, she needed to go to rehab.

With her addiction now fully apparent to her coworkers, Hannah decided to leave the hospital to avoid the prevailing stigmas of addiction. Hannah asked Halstead to go with her, but he ultimately declined. Aware that her recovery was heavily influenced by their relationship, Hannah and Halstead parted ways to avoid him becoming an anchor for her sobriety.

When did Hannah Asher return to Chicago Med?

Hannah earned a redemptive comeback in Season 7 of Chicago Med.

In Season 7, Episode 16 ("May Your Choices Reflect Hope, Not Fear"), Hannah returned to Gaffney Medical Center after completing her rehab tenure, sober for nearly two years by the time she crossed paths with her colleagues again. 

While enjoying dinner with Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) and Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson), Archer was keen to remind Hannah she still had friends at the hospital but questioned her decision to return. Hannah explained that she's been clean and intended to stay clean, and wanted a fresh start in a place in which she's already comfortable. Goodwin warmly welcomed Hannah back.

A rekindled romance with Halstead, however, was not in the cards for Hannah.

For the first time since meeting Hannah, Halstead was able to treat Hannah as his colleague and equal, rather than someone else to save. Occasional flirtation aside, the pair became friends despite their heavy past and lingering trust issues. Hannah was even Halstead's primary confidante before his heart-wrenching decision to leave Chicago in Season 8. It was Hannah who encouraged Halstead to consider reuniting with his former fiancée, Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto).

Hannah Asher on Chicago Med Episode 816

Hannah Asher and Dr. Dean Archer's Friendship

Hannah and Archer on Chicago Med Episode 806

By Season 8 of Chicago Med, Hannah had been crushing it in her career and making strong bonds with her hospital coworkers. A delightfully unexpected connection was her friendship with the chronically grumpy Dr. Archer and his son, Sean Archer (Luigi Sottile) — who like Hannah, was a recovering addict.

Hannah proved to be the perfect friend for Archer as he struggled to trust his son in recovery, encouraging him to give Sean the benefit of the doubt, as Sean need trust to achieve progress. Meanwhile, Sean began developing feelings for Hannah. (Archer wasn't a huge fan of this development, but became aware he was not helping anyone by trying to control his son.)

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Dr. Archer's health then took a dramatic decline in Season 8 after he was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease. Despite Archer's inclination to tough it out alone, Hannah went out of her way to ensure he wasn't struggling in solitude. She joined him during dialysis treatments and checked in on his condition throughout the workday. Hannah also helped Archer come clean about his condition with Sean, after she took steps to see if he'd be a viable kidney donor for his dad. 

Archer's condition is up in the air ahead of Chicago Med Season 9, but fans can expect Hannah to be there to make sure everything is okay.

Hannah's compassion with patients and tough beginnings have paved the way for tremendous emotional growth. Shining a spotlight on the journey of recovery, she is a success story, and viewers can't wait to see what she does next.