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The Loaded Reason Why Dr. Dylan Scott Leaves Chicago Med

Dylan made a bittersweet decision in the Season 8 premiere. 

By Jessica White
Scott Tells His Old Friend and Patient He’s Dyslexic | NBC’s Chicago Med

Chicago Med has opened the doors to Chicago's most action-packed hospital for multiple physicians over seven seasons. Among the more recent additions was Dr. Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard), who joined the Chicago Medical Center team as a pediatrics physician in the Emergency Department in Season 7. 

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While Dylan is an integral character who had numerous nail-biting plotlines throughout Season 7 of Chicago Med, the Season 8 premiere revealed that he is leaving Chicago Medical Center to pursue a different path. But why does Dylan leave Chicago Med, and can we expect to see him return?

Does Dr. Scott (Guy Lockard) leave Chicago Med?

Dr. Scott is complex and heartwarming, employing empathy at every turn. Dylan's background as a Chicago police officer largely shapes his actions, even at times getting him in trouble when he twists hospital rules to get positive results (but hey- who in Chicago Med doesn't?). Dylan is great with kids, endlessly helpful to his fellow ED colleagues, and can sniff out suspicious patients in record time.

Dylan treats a patient named Melina "Jo" Jovanovic (Riley Voelkel), who he suspects is a drug dealer due to her rush to leave the hospital. But Dylan is wrong: Jo is actually an undercover cop, which he learns when she visits his apartment to get medical treatment later. Jo is working on a Serbian mob case, which leads Dr. Scott to help her. Dr. Scott begins to take more and more steps back to his police officer ways as he gets Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) to allow Jo to hide undercover at their apartment building. Jo and Dylan quickly become romantically involved despite their dangerous circumstances. 

Season 7 ended with a member of the Serbian mob breaking into the building, resulting in a tense altercation with Dylan, the mobster, and Jo. At the same time, the smoke alarms went off, quickly engulfing the building in flames. Dylan successfully shot the invader, but the bullet exits the body and struck Jo as well. 

Much of the Season 8 premiere dealt with the consequences of the blazing altercation. Everyone escaped the apartment fire, but Jo was in critical condition while the mobster laid unconscious in a nearby hospital bed. Jo quickly died from her injuries, with Dylan left distraught over his role in the events that led him to accidentally shoot her. 

Dylan blamed himself for Jo's death, which led him to spend much of the episode ensuring the mobster is resuscitated so he can be served justice for Jo's death and his alleged role in the apartment fire. The team was successful in reviving the mobster, but Dylan also discovered he held no responsibility for the fire. 

As all of this weighed on him, Dylan ultimately notified Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) that he is leaving Chicago Medical Center. "You once reminded me that I wear a white coat, not a blue one," he told her. "But the thing is, here in Chicago, I don't think I'll ever be able to escape my past. I don't think I'll ever be able to take that blue coat off."

"Those old ties keep pulling me back in. I have to go someplace where I can just be a doctor." When Goodwin asked if there is anything she could say to change his mind, Dylan admitted that there are too many painful memories at Chicago Med. "This is where I met Jo and where I lost her."

It's a bittersweet moment for Dylan, and the Chicago Med family. We'll miss you, Dr. Scott!

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