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Adam Driver's Chocolate Santa Sketch Is an Instant SNL Christmas Classic

The "ShopTV Christmas" sketch stars Adam Driver as an accidentally-obscene chocolatier in what feels like a nod to Alec Baldwin's "Schweddy Balls."

By Samantha Vincenty

Even with 49 seasons' worth of SNL Christmas sketches under the show's belt, Saturday Night Live's writers—including the cast—still manage dream up funny holiday ideas for each calendar year's final episodes. As Adam Driver's December 9 hosting stint demonstrated, the show's writers continue to deliver a few Christmas miracles annually. Case in point: Driver's extremely goofy "ShopTV Christmas" sketch. 

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In the sketch, two home shopping network hosts (Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner) are joined by a chocolatier named Dean Delaney. Delaney's selling a chocolate Santa that looks perfectly innocent, until he strips off the foil to reveal a dark brown treat that the ShopTV hosts find unmistakably phallic. The sketch is definitely NSFW—unless you work for a chocolate factory that sells obscene candy like Delaney does, of course. 

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"ShopTV Christmas" is the latest in a rich tradition of naughty sight gags in SNL sketches. But it also feels like a distant cousin of a particularly famous moment: The NPR Delicious Dish: Schweddy Balls sketch from 1998, in which Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer play hyper-polite public radio personalities who earnestly enjoy round delights from their guest Pete Schweddy (Alec Baldwin). The parallel feels particularly intentional when Driver's chocolatier places "two of our famous Delaney Chocolates Krispy Clusters" in front of the unwrapped Santa candy.

Heidi Gardner Adam Driver and Mikey Day during a sketch on saturday night live episode 1851

Watch Adam Driver's NSFW Chocolate Santa Sketch, "ShopTV Christmas"

ShopTV Christmas

As the hosts frantically hang up on every shopper who calls to comment on the chocolatier's naked Santa candy, and avoid holding the item anywhere near their face while on camera, they also try to warn Driver's oblivious character.

"Let's maybe...you don't have to stroke it so much," Day's character nervously tells Delaney. Driver appears to break into laughter around the 3:30 mark, as Gardner and Day's characters physically stop him from trying to "gobble it down."

Hungry for more SNL Christmas sketches? NBC will air A Saturday Night Live Christmas Special on Thursday, December 14 at 8/7c, and again on December 23 at 8/7c.