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Adam Driver Revealed Serious Piano Playing Skills in His December 9 SNL Monologue

Yes, that was really Juilliard grad Adam Driver playing piano with his "very big hands" during his joked-packed, Christmas-themed SNL monologue. 

By Samantha Vincenty

Adam Driver is a man of many talents. First earning fans as Adam Sackler on the HBO series Girls, the Ferrari star has earned two Academy Award nominations for his dramatic work in the films Marriage Story and BlacKkKlansman. As a four-time Saturday Night Live host, Driver's showcased his comedic skills and general penchant for absurdity. And in Adam Driver's December 9 SNL monologue, he casually revealed that he's an excellent piano player on top of everything else. 

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"I'm so excited to be back—especially during this time of year," Driver told the SNL audience. "I love Christmas, it's my favorite holiday.The food, the music, the family. But largely, it's because I have a very deep and personal relationship with Santa."

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"And every year, I make my Christmas list, and I tell it to him. It's kind of our ritual," Driver continued. "Usually I do it in private, but since we're here and I know Santa watches SNL—he hasn't liked it since [Chris] Kattan left—but if you don't mind, I'd like to make my Christmas list right now if that's okay."

That's when Driver sat down at a piano on the Studio 8H stage. "The piano is part of the ritual, he loves hearing me play," Driver explained. He also made it clear that it was actually Driver playing, not a member of the Saturday Night Live band ghost-playing in his stead. 

"Can we get a close-up of my hands? See, they're very big," Driver said. "Very big hands." Indeed they are.

Adam Driver during his Saturday Night Live Episode 1850 Promo shoot

After demonstrating his piano skills with a flourish, Driver addressed the Man in Red directly. 

"HEY SANTA—oh right, we're on TV," Driver deadpanned. "Its me, Adam. Driver. From the nice list. And also Girls."

Explaining that he's turning 40 this year, Driver requested five pairs of chinos. "I also want one of those giant metal Tesla trucks. I think it would pair perfectly with my teeny tiny micropenis," he joked.

'You know, what I want for Christmas is a gingerbread house," Driver continued, his delivery reminiscent of  Christopher Walken, or the classic "Steve Martin's Holiday Wish" Christmas sketch. Do you think a gingerbread man gets scared when he realizes the house is made of his own skin? That’s a cute one, you can tell your kids that one.”

Does Adam Driver really play piano?


Driver, who attended The Juilliard School (just like Julia Stiles's character did after Save the Last Dance, as the actress explained on "Weekend Update"), sings and plays several musical instruments. While he attended Juilliard for acting, not music, "I am musical, though," Driver told IndieWire in a 2013 interview. "I grew up in church and did a lot of singing at choir and a lot of singing at choir in school and playing the piano." Driver added that he personally owns a guitar, a piano, and a bass, and likes to play with friends. 

While Driver hasn't done a ton of public piano playing, he did sing a lot in his role as Al Cody in the 2013 film Inside Llewyn Davis. In fact, he sang in a scene with fellow SNL Hosts Oscar Isaac, who played the titular role, and Justin Timberlake