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The Traitors Stars Collab with Bumble to Launch the Deception Detector

Phaedra Parks, Parvati Shallow and Peter Weber of The Traitors team up with Bumble for one more mission.

By Tara Bennett
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If you're out there dating, who wouldn't want an extra level of protection from all the scammers out there on the dating apps? Like, wouldn't it be great to get some of the smartest The Traitors contestants, such as Phaedra Parks, Parvati Shallow, or Peter Weber, to give your options a browse and then have them left swipe on those sketchy accounts that don't pass their muster? 

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Turns out Bumble thought of that too with Bumble’s newest safety feature, Deception Detector™, featuring Phaedra, Parvati, and Peter.

How are The Traitors and Bumble collaborating?

Phaedra Parks on The Traitors Episode 201

Launching March 14, the social media-exclusive spots will drop as a surprise to delight fans just a week after the second season finale. The campaign will feature the trio using their sleuthing skills, aiding Bumble in detecting fraudulent matches from potential romantic suitors where spam, scam, and fake accounts pose a threat. You'll see them dressed in their classic "Traitor" cloaks eyeing up the Bumble version of The Traitors portrait wall, discarding potential scam suitors from the Bumble app.

Per Bumble, the Deception Detector™ is being introduced into the app as a "fast, reliable machine learning-based model to assess the authenticity of profiles and connections on Bumble Inc.’s platforms. Of those accounts identified as spam/scam profiles, Bumble Inc.’s testing showed that Deception Detector™ supported in blocking 95% of these accounts automatically. This automated and AI-based technology is used in conjunction with dedicated human support to prioritize a safe and empowering community."

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Considering how successful Traitors Parvati and Phaedra were with deflecting Faithful votes in Season 2, and how Faithful Peter kept his keen eye in seeing through the Traitor machinations, this feels like a match made in heaven.

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