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Peter Weber Shares Thoughts on Tension With MJ and Winners at The Traitors Reunion

The Traitors Season 2 Reunion was a "wild" time, according to player and Bachelor alum Peter Weber. 

By Tyler McCarthy

This story contains spoilers for The Traitors Season 2.

The Traitors Reunion was an explosive television event recapping an even more explosive season of the hit competition series. Now, one of the most vocal members of the Season 2 cast, Peter Weber, is revealing his thoughts on all the drama.

The former Bachelor star played a strategic and, at times, alienating game before ultimately getting banished by his fellow Faithfuls in the penultimate episode. Being the game player that he is, Weber told NBC Insider that he was fascinated to learn how his less outspoken opponents played the game once the veil of secrecy was lifted. 

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Peter's reaction to The Traitors reunion

“Man, it was a wild reunion. Lots of ups and downs, but it ultimately was really good. It was great to see everybody. I enjoyed it,” he revealed, showing there’s no hard feelings. “You know, I think it was really interesting to see a lot of people fully reveal their tactics and their strategies that they were playing the full game that they never did during the show. And I think a lot of viewers are going to be surprised by that. I was surprised by it.”

He added: “I almost wish that I could have known what you knew at the reunion at the very end going into the game, it just made so much sense.”

Although Weber was not one to keep his strategies or opinions a secret, as a game player, he explained he was surprised to see how some of his fellow Faithfuls were playing the game, quietly. 

“There was a lot that people were holding back,” he said. “They just didn't ever say on the show. And who knows if it all is accurate or it's just, you know, a little bit of posturing here and there post-show, because hindsight's 20/20. But there was definitely… My strategy would have changed up a little bit knowing how other people were playing the entire time if I would have known in the beginning.” 

Peter Weber at the round table on The Traitors

Peter understands why MJ was so upset

Strategy aside, although there are no hard feelings on Weber’s side with how the game played out, he did comment on some of the biggest drama of the evening: MJ Javid’s reaction to CT Tamburello and Trishelle Cannatella voting her out of the top 3 despite not necessarily believing she was a Traitor in the end. 

“Yeah, um, listen, I get it. I get it with MJ,” Weber began. ”I get her feelings and why they were hurt.” 

He went on to acknowledge that, at some point in the game, everyone goes through the desperation of feeling like they're going to be banished or murdered by the Traitors. For MJ, who made it all the way to the final three with no Traitors remaining, it must have felt extra bad. 

“So everyone experiences it. Yeah, she went as far as you could go without winning, so you could say that it hurts even more there. But, everyone felt pain. So you like to think that she can just kind of… She'd be able to drop it and move on, but again, I can't speak for her. Everyone's entitled to their own feelings and justified to feel how they feel," he said. "But it was… It was unfortunate, I think, that there was so much tension there between MJ, Trishelle, and CT.”

Weber concluded: “Ultimately, it's a game, and you're trying to win it, and so, you can't fault people for trying to win. That tension was definitely palpable, for sure.” 

As for his thoughts on CT and Trishelle, the ultimate winners of The Traitors Season 2, Weber feels like a win for the Faithfuls is a win for all the Faithfuls, even if they don’t end up splitting $250,000. 

“Hey, I take it as a win,” he explained. “I was super happy to see them win. I truly can say I gave it my all and, obviously, yes, I would have wanted to win over everyone else, of course. But to be able to see the group that I feel like I gave so much to ultimately win it in the end, I was like I'm taking that as a win. And I was really happy to see them do it. And Trishelle specifically, I was so happy. I'm happy for CT too, but Trishelle and I were really, really close in the game. I think the world of her. So I'm stoked for them and it was a Faithful win!” 

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