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How Amazing Golden Buzzer Act Sofie Dossi Made Simon Emotional

The self-described "bendy girl," sets the stage on fire (literally) on AGT: Fantasy League.

By Grace Jidoun

If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ve likely seen a video of Sofie Dossi’s thrilling acrobatic feats. The 22-year-old "bendy girl" shot to fame at just 14 years old after her debut on Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. Though she didn’t win, the self-taught contortionist always stands out. Now under Heidi Klum’s mentorship on America's Got Talent: Fantasy League, her glittering acrobatic routine is truly next-level — complete with a flaming aerial ring and pulse-pounding pyrotechnics.

Sofie Dossi's YouTube Amazing Channel

Sofie Dossi performs on stage on AGT: Fantasy League Episode 103

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Although she didn't win her debut season of AGT, she parlayed the recognition into a very successful social media career. With nearly 10 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, it's very easy to keep up with everything that Dossi is doing these days outside of her incredible and mesmerizing AGT performances. 

What Happened to Sofie Dossi on AGT?

Reba McEntire performs with Americas Got Talent's Sofie Dossi

Dossi was only 14 when she first wowed the Judges Table on America’s Got Talent Season 11. She seemed to defy physics by shooting a flaming arrow from a bow with her feet while doing a handstand. Her incredible performances earned her the Golden Buzzer from guest judge and The Voice coach Reba McEntire and prompted Simon Cowell to ask, “What planet are you from?”

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Though she didn’t make the top five in The Finals, Dossi returned in 2019 for the first season of The Champions, where she finished third. She graced the AGT Stage two more times as a surprise guest, most recently in 2023, for a unique spinning, body-twisting performance with Reba during her song, “Can’t Even Get the Blues.”

Sofie Dossi’s Golden Buzzer moment on AGT: Fantasy League 

Sofie Dossi on stage on AGT: Fantasy League Episode 103

Dossi told AGT: Fantasy League she was bringing some next-level danger, and we were all with Klum when she said, “I’m nervous.”

Things started calmly as Dossi — dressed in a sparkly pink bodysuit of her own design — slowly spun toward the ceiling. Even when her aerial ring was set ablaze, she was cool as a cucumber, twisting and turning before dangling upside down by her feet. Suddenly, massive flames shot up from the stage as she lowered to a gymnast bar, where she bent her body back nearly in half during a handstand. In her signature move, she launched a flaming arrow upside down with her feet, but this time, it hit several exploding balloons — guaranteeing we’ll all be talking about her for a while to come.

Why did Heidi Klum use the Golden Buzzer on her own Dream Team?

Heidi Klum and Sofie Dossi hug after Sofi's Golden Buzzer moment on AGT Fantasy League Episode 103

To let the audience choose Dossi’s fate — and leave her hanging, so to speak, — after such an incredible performance was not something Klum wanted to chance. Simon admitted the performance made him “emotional,” and Heidi wiped back tears as she gave Dossi a standing ovation. Even Howie Mandel, Klum’s fiercest rival so far on AGT: Fantasy Legaue — conceded Dossi had outdone herself.

“I mean this. This is competitive, and I don’t like to give my fellow mentors credit,” he said gesturing to Klum, “but if tonight was my Golden Buzzer I would use it on you.”

Maybe that was just the nudge Klum needed to slam that Golden Buzzer.

“Because timing is everything, and I don’t want anyone to kerfuffle this, as Mel would say, I will give you this Golden Buzzer right now,” said Heidi, ensuring Dossi went straight through to the Finals.

“Not that you need it,” she added. “I push it for you because I love you and believe in you, and I think you’re amazing!”

Growing up watching AGT, Dossi never thought it would change her life. But on Fantasy League, she credited the competition series with opening “so many doors for her.” The 22-year-old practically oversees a mini business empire now, with TV acting credits, body suit designs, and original songs to her name. Could “winner of AGT: Fantasy League” be the next feather in her cap? We’ll just have to tune into the Finals to see.

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