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See the Gravity-Defying Moment V. Unbeatable Actually Made Mel B Scream

See the moment V. Unbeatable made AGT: Fantasy League Judge Mel B scream during their acrobatic performance.

By Shameika Rhymes

Judge Howie Mandel chose V. Unbeatable for his Dream Team because of their heart-stopping acrobatics. That's something fellow Judge Mel B learned firsthand when she literally screamed during their premiere performance on America's Got Talent: Fantasy League

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The opportunity to once again perform on the Got Talent stage was not lost on the group, who boast being 30 members strong with one female member. 

“When we heard that America was choosing us for Fantasy League, it’s incredible,” said one of the members of V. Unbeatable. “We want to make America and Howie proud.”

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The Mumbai group took to the stage to do what they do best, acrobatics and dance. They pulled out all the stops for their AGT: Fantasy League act and left the judges, particularly Mel B, simply flabbergasted at their unique moves. 

What Made Mel B Scream for V. Unbeatable? 

V.Unbeatable on stage during America's Got Talent: Fantasy League Episode 101

For their audition, they started out with moves that even All-Star cheerleaders would be jealous of, a high basket-toss into an extension popping out, and the backflips off of one another left the crowd speechless. The synchronization, and balancing acts accompanied by upbeat drums and cultural music sets the scene for a performance unlike no other. However, the moment they came out on motorcycles as members were tossed through the air over the bikes, Mel B let out a scream in awe.

As the motorcycles came back out, they tossed members over and on top of the bike in an elevator-like stunt, causing her to scream again. Her final scream was when the three motorcycles came out again as one of the members of V. Unbeatable leaped across their backs and flipped into a cradle-like catch by two other members. The crowd went crazy as they continued to flip through the air and dance during the rest of the routine. 

“I have to admit, I was screaming a lot,” Mel B shared with the group after they finished up and were safe and sound.

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Everything that’s happened to V. Unbeatable on AGT

Dance group V Unbeatable dances on stage on Americas Got Talent Live finals episode

The Mumbai dance troupe first appeared on AGT in 2019 wowing the judges. At the time, the members were aged 12 to 27. The”V” in the name stands for Vikas, after their co-founder and member, Vikas Gupta, died performing stunts during a rehearsal, according to The Khaleej Times.

V. Unbeatable’s uniforms commonly include the word “Vikas'' on the backs of their uniforms to pay tribute.

On AGT in 2019, V. Unbeatable's Judge Cuts performance consisted of an acrobatic dance routine in tribute to their fallen founder, which included flipping members over the judges' table and into chairs held high above them and all of the judges gave them standing ovations. Impressed with their performance, AGT guest judge Dwyane Wade hit the highly sought after Golden Buzzer, sending V. Unbeatable directly to the quarterfinals! They made it past the semifinals and performed in the finals. Sadly, in the end, they took 4th place in the 2019 season. 

V. Unbeatable returned to America's Got Talent: The Champions in 2020.  After their first performance, they received a Golden Buzzer from the judge who would go on to be their AGT: Fantasy League Dream Team mentor, Howie, sending the dance group straight to the finals along with three other contestants. After a stunning performance in the finals and a performance with Travis Barker in the results episode, they proceeded to make the Top 5. They won the competition receiving the title of "World Champion," a cash prize and the grand champions trophy. During their time on the show, they explained how the publicity from being on AGT helped them get recognition in India and gigs in Las Vegas. 

As the world came to a pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, V. Unbeatable’s return to India wasn’t the welcome home they thought it would be. They were forced to cancel international shows, and during lockdown, they were confined to their previous state of living, with some even having to sell vegetables on the side of the road for money. 

Luckily, the group has bounced back before, and they did it again. In early 2023, they had grown to 45 members before trimming it down to the 30 that appeared on AGT: Fantasy League. They also starred in their first international performances at Dubai’s Global Village this year.