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Niall Horan & John Legend's Voices Blend Seamlessly for a Magical "The Show" Cover

The two Coaches also talked about Horan's path to winning The Voice.

By Jackie Manno

John Legend had a thoughtful sit-down with fellow The Voice Coach Niall Horan on October 30, where they discussed the trajectory of Horan's remarkable career

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Horan first joined The Voice in Season 23, which also ended up being Blake Shelton's last Season. However, Horan took home the winning title with singer Gina Miles

"It was so good to come in for Blake [Shelton]'s final season," Horan told Legend. 

"Everyone would've thought that the fans, at least out of sympathy, out of nostalgia, out of gratitude for Blake, they might've voted for Team Blake no matter what," Legend told Horan. "Your winning charm, and the great Coaching you did for your artist, just outshone whatever love they had for Blake. So, sorry Blake. [Horan is] our champ."

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Legend then went on to reveal that he and Horan had an interaction way before their days on The Voice

"I met Niall and the boys from One Direction when they were still teenagers. I was performing that day, promoting something from one of my albums, and I got to meet these guys! How old were you then?" Legend said. 

A split of Niall Horan and John Legend pose for the voice promo

"I was 17. And now I'm 30. So we all feel old. But I remember that so well. It was crazy when you brought it up, because it's so vivid," Horan responded. 

Legend also brought up how Horan's fame on One Direction gave him a connection with many Artists on The Voice

"When I'm competing with you at the Blind Auditions, we turn for certain Artists, and some of them have vivid stories of how they fell in love with you when they were like 10, 11, 12 years old. They went to your concerts, and knowing that these people have this kind of emotional connection to you, it is a great start to your career, but you of course have to take advantage of that and make great music to keep them interested. And what you've done with your solo career is make some great music," Legend said. 

Niall Horan and John Legend sing "The Show" together

After discussing Horan's inspiration for writing his song "The Show," the two then jumped into a wonderful duet of the tune. During the performance — which you can catch in the final moments of the video — Legend played the keyboard while they both took turns crooning the introspective lyrics, before seamlessly combining their voices for a heavenly version of the track.

"The Show" is the fifth track off of Horan's third studio album of the same name, which was released on June 9. In an interview with NBC Insider, Horan opened up about his thought process creating the project. 

“I would say for the new stuff, there is some experimentation going on. Yes, just stuff I've gathered over the years, you know, like ideas that I've had, things that I've learned influenced me, I'm starting to hear them all already come through my music. So consciously, naturally, whatever you want to call it, it's just kind of happening,” he told us.

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“It feels really good. Feels the most mature. Again, I haven't released music since I was 25 or 26, and to be closing in on 30, I think you just gather more information as you go. So I'm starting to hear all of that stuff [in] my music. And what I'm saying is a bit more grown up I guess. And I wanted the sound of that to match what I'm saying. So I think it's my favorite stuff. And the best stuff that I've made.”