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19-Year-Old Gina Miles Says This Advice From Niall Horan Helped Her Win The Voice

Miles made history as Horan's first-ever win of the series.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
Gina Miles and Niall Horan Sing Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" | The Voice Live Finale | NBC

Gina Miles has officially been crowned The Voice's Season 23 winner. But if you ask her Coach, Niall Horan, he was confident she had something special since the moment he turned his red chair for her Blind Audition.

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"There's nothing better than hearing a very individual voice," he tells NBC Insider. "Hearing something that you've never heard before, that really gets you and gives you goose bumps... I'm glad I went with waiting for someone that, like, actually gave me goose bumps. I think that's something that I'll take into next season because they're out there."

So what was the key to Miles' success throughout the competition, aside from her impressive vocals? The famously soft-spoken 19-year-old, who fought to come out of her shell during the season, explains that wise words from Horan were incredibly valuable.

"The best piece of advice is that you have to work hard, and that's the best way that you're going to combat being nervous is to be prepared," she tells us. "So we're just always prepared."

Horan, 29, added on: "I still take that into performances I do now. You know, you've got three minutes on live television to do the best version of yourself and I think if you're prepared, you're half the battle. And just have fun. I think it's very easy to come on a show like The Voice — and be with a lot of really technically gifted singers — and take that serious because you're technically gifted. But you forget sometimes that you're on a TV show. and we're here to have fun, you know. I think Gina's done that so well. She really enjoyed it and gave us some moments that we'll never forget."

Gina Miles opens up about winning The Voice


The Voice Niall Horan Gina Miles Duet3

NBC Insider spoke even more with Miles – who made Voice history as Horan's first-ever win — about how she's feeling post-finale and what she sees for her future.

NBC Insider: You looked super, super surprised and shocked when they announced your name as the winner. Were you not expecting it at all?

Gina Miles: No, I wasn't. It was just a really crazy day, and I was really just having a lot of fun, and I did not expect them to call my name.

What did that feel like once you processed that they had just called your name?

I was just crying, sobbing my eyes out. I just couldn't believe it, and it's such a crazy thing to win. So I was a mess, but excited.

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What music are you interested in making once this all sinks in?

I feel like I want to experiment with sounds and see what we like. And I feel like I've definitely found my lane through the show of those more darker, moodier songs. Also pop songs. I really do enjoy a pop moment, and I like performing and having fun just as much as I like to be emotional and have those deeper songs, too.

This is Niall's first year on The Voice, so you're his first win, too. What's that like? Did y'all talk about that?

It's crazy, and definitely exciting for both of us, I think. And we were both surprised and happy. It's crazy that he won his first season.

Gina Miles performing on The Voice.

What do you hope your career looks like in the next year?

I really just hope I get to release music and sing. I think that's the goal, and it has been the goal since the start. It's a really long process, and it's very emotional.

Who are some of your biggest influences in music?

So my dad was a DJ. So growing up, I had a lot of different musical influences. I'm definitely a radio person. I love listening to the top hits. I want to know what's going on. I'm a really big fan of the 2000s music. I am still stuck there and love it so much. It's so nice, and I think making music with that kind of nostalgic feeling is also something I would love to do because I know we all love that time period. Not that you want to be stuck in the past, but there's a magic about the 2000s that I just would love to capture.

Any specific 2000s artists that's your favorite?

I don't know if it's, like, artists specifically, but it's just... songs from that time period. And I feel like a lot of those songs that I loved, I got to do on the show. "Somebody That I Used to Know" was such a big song, and it has such a nostalgic feeling. And I was so excited to do that one.

Do you have any advice for a future co-contestants on the show?

It's a really long process, and it's very emotional. You're gonna have a lot of emotional times. But there are so many people and friends to lean on. But also it's really difficult when you make friends on your team because you might have to go up against them. It sounds like I'm being petty, but if you make friends not on your team, then you don't have to go head-to-head against them.

Gina Miles and Niall Horan performing on The Voice.

For viewers, the competition is entertaining. But you guys get to know each other and sing with each other.

We spend so much time together. Even not singing, and being our normal selves, which is hanging out to be friends, you know. So you make those friendships, and you spend all that time, it's hard not to feel attached to everybody.

Is there anyone specifically you got close with?

My battle partner, Kala Banham, is my other half. I love her so much. she came to the finale, and it was insane, and I love her. So she's perfect.

This article includes reporting from Tara Bennett.

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