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Emma Stone's "Posters" Model Krissy Knox Returns to SNL, Joined By David Beckham

Marcello Hernández takes on the studying teen role previously played by Pete Davidson in Emma Stone's recurring SNL sketch.

By Samantha Vincenty

Actress Emma Stone officially became an SNL Five-Timers Club member during her December 2 episode of Saturday Night Live—but Stone was already an SNL MVP before she donned the velvet jacket. Stone's willingness to go all in when bringing a character to life is what makes her such a standout Host; look no further than her twitchy, riotously funny work in Season 49's "Make Your Own Kind of Music" sketch with Chloe Troast. In her most recent episode, Stone revived a memorable character from her past appearances: Over-eager poster model Krissy Knox.

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With Marcello Hernández taking on the role previously played by Pete Davidson, Stone's Knox fights for the dreaming physics student's attention alongside posters of David Beckham (Mikey Day), a UFC fighter (Kenan Thompson), a video game character (Ego Nwodim). 

Amid the other posters' suggestions that Knox "sit this one out," there are a few burns poking fun at cast member Day's complete lack of resemblance to the soccer icon he's playing.

"Is this a dream?" Hernández's character asks.

"Yep," Beckham replies. 

"Oh, okay," the student says. "Because I was gonna say, you don't look as beautiful as you normally do." Day does thoroughly nail Beckham's voice, though. 

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Watch the latest "Posters" sketch above.

Emma Stone and Mikey Day during a saturday night live Episode 1850 sketch

Emma Stone's Krissy Knox has been in two previous "Posters" sketches


In the first "Posters" sketch from Stone's December 3, 2016 episode, Davidson plays a young man who's trying to do math homework when he gets distracted by the posters on his wall: A snowboarder (Mikey Day), a video game character (Kate McKinnon), a standup comic (Kenan Thompson) and a model named Chrissy Knox (Stone). 

"Dorm Room Posters"

Dorm Room Posters

The second installment from April 13, 2019 finds Davidson's character struggling with history, when posters of a rapper (Day), comic book heroes (Thompson and Nwodim), a wrestler (Beck Bennet), and fun-loving Chrissy Knox (Stone), who doesn't seem to be much of a history buff.