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Why Audiences May Recognize These America's Got Talent: Fantasy League Magicians

From mind reading to optic illusions, feast your eyes on the magicians taking the America's Got Talent: Fantasy League stage by storm.

By Jax Miller

Magical things are happening on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League!

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Judges Simon Cowell, Mel B., Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum aren’t the only ones blown away by the talented returning Acts in the America’s Got Talent spin-off. However, when it comes to sheer spectacle and awe, it's hard to beat the magicians who manage to leave viewers with a sense of wonder. Sleight of hand and levitation are just a couple of mesmerizing illusions audiences get to see on AGT: Fantasy League, leaving some spellbound and others in stitches.

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Feast your eyes on these AGT: Fantasy League magicians and how they once wowed Got Talent fans with their wizardry ways.

Anna DeGuzman

New Jersey card phenom Anna DeGuzman had Judges in the palm of her hand with “cardistry,” the art of manipulating your fingers to perform mid-boggling card tricks. First appearing in AGT Season 18, the former Australia’s Got Talent magician might best be remembered for even surprising herself when using the Judges to help her perform an act that involved impressive shuffles and making cards appear out of thin air.

“There’s nothing more exciting [than] when the magician amazes themselves,” Mandel said at the time.  

DeGuzman later made history when performing close-ups for the cameras, going so far as to have the live audience help her execute her magic flawlessly (and with the assistance of AGT Host, Terry Crews).

DeGuzman became the first female magician runner-up, placing second behind dog act Adrian Stoica and Hurricane. Her magic has appeared in numerous publications, including GQ, Elle, New York Times, and more, according to the performer’s website.

Cillian O’Connor

New to the Got Talent stage on this side of the pond, Irish teen magician Cillian O’Connor made his mark on Season 16 of Britain’s Got Talent, from whence Judge Cowell remarked that O’Connor was “unbelievably talented.”

O’Connor invited audiences into his “magical journey,” mastering optic illusions and both card and mind-reading tricks while sharing his experiences living with autism. For O’Connor, magic became a way for the 13-year-old boy to interact with people more easily.

His tearful reaction to a standing ovation turned the tables and literally had the Judges crying.

O’Connor made it to third place in the competition, and in January 2024, he announced on Instagram that he was “thrilled” to join Cowell’s Dream Team on AGT: Fantasy League.

The Clairvoyants

AGT Season 11 runners-up, The Clairvoyants, know what people want, which is precisely why they’re back for AGTFL. Austrian duo Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass described themselves as mentalists in their 2016 Audition, meaning they can read people’s minds.

If guessing the items in Judge Klum’s purse (down to her lipstick shade’s number) wasn’t enough, a blindfolded van Tass correctly guessed several random items from the live audience once placed in her partner’s hands. Even fine details, such as the expiration date on Judge Mandel’s eyedrops, were guessed correctly by the female mind reader.

The Clairvoyants impressed Judges once again in a vintage Las Vegas-themed act when they blindfolded the Judges and Host Crews, an act that included guessing cards and die.

The now-married couple returned for AGT: The Champions and recently left Judges stunned on Britain’s Got Talent: The Ultimate Magician.

Fritzy Rosmerian

Part of Judge Mandel’s Dream Team, 15-year-old Fritzy Rosmerian came to AGT: Fantasy League after placing in the finals of Indonesia’s Got Talent, Season 3.

For her AGT debut, Rosmerian hacked the Judges’ minds after initiating a cutesy routine involving nursery items while dressed in a schoolgirl-style outfit. Using an oversized teddy bear as a prop, Rosmerian made Judges imagine details of her stuffed animal and write their answers, blowing them away when guessing correctly.

Judges mostly agreed Rosmerian’s act didn’t live up to other magician acts competing on AGT: Fantasy League, but Judge Mandel appreciated the teen’s hard work for her first time in America.

Yu Hojin

Yu Hojin returned with his talents, bringing a “world-class” magical number back to the Got Talent stage. The South Korean illusionist — cited as an inspiration to AGT 13 and AGT: Champions winner, magician Shin Lim — impressed Judges in AGT Season 17 with his floating feather tricks. With a seemingly simple flick of the wrist, Hojin had the uncanny ability to transform items and make props appear out of thin air.

He advanced to the Season 17 finals but would not place in the top five.

Hojin recently performed a paper plane spectacular. The cool-headed magician threw the props around the stage, making them all rise from the floor simultaneously, leaving audiences and Judges in awe.

What’s more, Hojin made the paper planes fly away by themselves with just a few conductor-style moves.

Judges loved Hojin’s approach to the craft, utilizing a relaxed and casual style. Judge Mandel even said it was the best magic act he’d seen in years.

Jon Dorenbos

Few could forget NFL player Jon Dorenbos, who, during his impressive tenure, played for the Tennessee Titans, the Buffalo Bills, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the New Orleans Saints. After experiencing a life-threatening heart condition and undergoing surgery — putting an end to his prolific football career — the Texas-born father channeled his energies into magic.

Perhaps even more memorable was Dorenbos’ heart-wrenching story of his upbringing after his mother’s death, for which his father was convicted of second-degree murder.

Dorenbos earned the highly coveted Golden Buzzer with his Season 11 Audition, which included a card and wineglass trick that prompted Judge Cowell to call him “a wizard.” He placed third in the overall competition but returned to the stage in 2019 for AGT: The Champions and made it to the finals.

He impressed the Judges once again with a spell-binding act in Fantasy League, part of Mel B’s Dream Team. It wasn’t enough for him to advance to the semi-finals, but we’re certain there are still great things to come.

Piff the Magic Dragon

What do you get when you mix comedy, magic, and a dragon-themed onesie? Piff the Magic Dragon, of course, the magician who had audiences tickled in Season 10. For his 2015 Audition, the Las Vegas-based Londoner brought a hilariously deadpan wit when performing a routine that didn’t seem would go far. However, Piff impressed the Judges with a head-scratching card trick that complemented what Mel B called his “silly, stupid, ridiculous sense of humor,” which the Judge admired.

Former Guest Judge Neil Patrick Harris later gave Piff his Golden Buzzer after a trick that incorporated a small dog named Mr. Piffles and a playing card signed by Heidi discovered in a can of dog food, helping him reach the Top 10 that season.

For Piff’s Fantasy League debut, the magician made Harris reappear for a trick that consisted of making “the greatest sandwich ever” (with the help of the Judges and Mr. Piffles).

Piff has also had guest appearances on the America’s Got Talent Holiday Spectacular and with a shocking performance in AGT Season 12

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