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Adrian Stoica Spilled This Unexpected Secret After He and Hurricane's Adorable Act

The Italian dog trainer Adrian Stoica and his Border Collie, Hurricane, turn up the charm in AGT: Fantasy League

By Grace Jidoun

One of the most talked about acts on America's Got Talent: Fantasy League saved one surprise for after their performance. Season 18 winners Adrian Stoica and his furry best friend, Hurricane, showed what happens when Stoica comes home after a long day the way only they can.

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In a human-canine role reversal, the Border Collie made sure his “owner” stuck to his diet, got in a good workout, and went to bed on time. The amusing routine earned a standing ovation, and just when we thought they’d exit the AGT stage, the dog trainer from Italy unexpectedly whispered a “small secret” to Simon Cowell.


How Adrian Stoica betrayed Dream Team mentor Simon Cowell 

Stoica fessed up that he had a big crush on Mel B, Cowell's rival in the competition. He revealed, when he was a teenager, he even had a picture of the Spice Girl on his wall. After turning in a flawless AGT: Fantasy League performance and taking the winning crown in Season 18, Stoica just wanted a photo with his teenage crush. And we thought this dynamic duo couldn’t be any more endearing.

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Mel B gladly jumped up on stage to take the photo, but not without some playful dissing between her and Simon.

“I’m sorry you had Simon’s team,” she joked.

We’re pretty sure Stoica would not put up a fight if Mel B had the chance to take him for her Dream Team.

Adrian Stoica and Hurricane’s winning journey on AGT

Adrian Stoica And Hurricane on stage on AGT: Fantasy League Episode 102

Though their routines look effortless, the bond between the Border Collie and the dog trainer runs deep. According to Stoica’s official AGT bio, the two have performed together for eight years. No wonder Stoica and Hurricane impressed the judges during the Season 18 Auditions, where Hurricane showed off her superior skills as she helped Stoica with his morning routine.

The pair were one of just two acts to make it to America’s Got Talent 18’s live show, where they switched up their comedic skit again. Stoica had some work to do in the garden this time, and Hurricane playfully thwarted him at every turn.

In an interview with NBC Insider, Cowell said of the pair, "I've never seen a dog Act where everything was done by voice commands. It was live, it could've gone horribly wrong, but she was just amazing."

When an AGT: Fantasy producer asked Adrian if his dog would share any of the winning money with him, he said, “I hope so. She’s a million-dollar dog.”

Adrian Stoica And Hurricane on stage on AGT: Fantasy League Episode 102

There’s no word yet on exactly how many sheep Hurricane has bought for herself or if there's any money left for Stoica.

What does Stoica hope to do next with his cute canine? He made another confession on AGT: Fantasy — he dreams of a movie called “How to Stop a Hurricane.” We are looking forward to it!

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