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Watch Jake Gyllenhaal's SNL Sketches and Monologue from May 18

The Presumed Innocent actor played Fred from Scooby Doo, a cookie-obsessed dad, and more hilarious characters in the Season 49 finale.  

By Samantha Vincenty

Season 49 of Saturday Night Live officially wrapped on May 18, and Jake Gyllenhaal couldn't have been more delighted to be hosting SNL's season finale. In fact, as Gyllenhaal shared in his monologue, there's only one greater honor he could imagine. 

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"I mean, sure, you know, one more episode and I would've been hosting the premiere of the 50th season," he joked. "But who cares?"

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Gyllenhaal went on to praise the virtues of 49. "Also, 49 is the number of times Conor McGregor accidentally punched me during Road House," he added. "People ask me what it's like to work with Conor, and I always say 'oh, so great!' because I'm scared he's nearby."

Jake Gyllenhaal during his monologue on snl episode 1864

Safe in the far less face-punch-y environment of Studio 8H, Gyllenhaal closed the last monologue of the 49th season with an SNL version of Boyz II Men's classic "End of the Road" — with help from Ego Nwodim, Kenan Thompson, Devon Walker, and Punkie Johnson (wearing cardigans in tribute to the R&B group, of course).

"In many ways, this is the real first episode of season 50," Gyllenhaal ventured during his spoken-word solo. 

"Nope, no it's not," Nwodim interjected. 

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Even so, Gyllenhaal's episode was a great end note ahead of SNL's historic Season 50. Watch the sketches, which feature cameos by Musical Guest Sabrina Carpenter and Jon Hamm, below.

Watch Jake Gyllenhaal's SNL sketches from May 18

"Summer of Trump Cold Open"

Cast member James Austin Johnson deployed his ace Donald Trump impression in the last cold open before the 2024 presidential election hits full speed in the fall.

Summer of Trump Cold Open

Delivering remarks from his "cage in the zoo" (the barricades outside his New York criminal trial), Johnson's Trump detailed the trial's “very eye-closening” events and trotted out a contingent of supporters who've shown up to literally stand behind him in Manhattan, including Sen. Tim Scott (Devon Walker), Gov. Kristi Noem (Heidi Gardner), and "the late, great Hannibal Lecter" (Michael Longfellow), who the real Trump praised in a recent speech.

James Austin Johnson on Saturday Night Live Episode 1864

"Jake Gyllenhaal Monologue"

Watch above. 

"Dad Has a Cookie"

Gyllenhaal fully commits to the role of an intense dad who ropes his daughter's boyfriend (Andrew Dismukes) into his web of cookie-related lies.

Dad Has a Cookie

"Scooby-Doo" with Sabrina Carpenter 

Carpenter, who's acted in series like Girl Meets World and films including the Tall Girl movies, plays Scooby Gang member Daphne to Gyllenhaal's Fred, while Sarah Sherman is Velma and Mikey Day's a spot-on Shaggy. 


"Beautiful Girls"

The boys of SNL get their moment in the spotlight.

Beautiful Girls

"Fast Fashion Ad"

How do certain overseas retailers manage such shockingly-low prices? "Don't worry about it," this parody tells us, because there's definitely/probably no lead in these clothes. 

Fast Fashion Ad

"Bike Trail"

Mikey Day and Chloe Fineman play a hiking couple having a tough conversation that keeps getting interrupted by a biker (Gyllenhaal) with zero boundaries.

Bike Trail

"Canceling a Flight"

Not since Keiran Culkin's "Canceling Cable" sketch has a customer service experience been so accurately captured.

Canceling a Flight
Jake Gyllenhaal and Andrew Dismukes during a sketch on Saturday Night Live Episode 1864

"NYPD Press Conference"

Following the random assaults of character actors Steve Buscemi and Rick Moranis in the streets of New York City, an NYPD officer (Gyllenhaal) issues a warning to avoid mass transit "if you've ever played a girlfriend on Seinfeld" or "a boyfriend on Sex and the City."

SNL Three-Timer Jon Hamm pops up in his second cameo of the season, speculating on the likelihood that he'll be punched.

NYPD Press Conference

"Snake Eyes"

Whatever you're expecting Snake Eyes (James Austin Johnson) to sound like, you're definitely wrong.