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Watch Maya Rudolph's SNL Sketches and "Mother" Monologue from May 11

The SNL alum redefined "Mother's Day" in her monologue and revived her Beyoncé in a hysterical "Hot Ones" parody. 

By Samantha Vincenty

Host Maya Rudolph slayed the stage in Studio 8H on May 11, opening Saturday Night Live with a musical number reminiscent of Madonna's "Vogue" in a nod to ballroom culture.

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Rudolph was an SNL cast member from 2000-2007. As with fellow Season 49 Hosts Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig, Rudolph's episode was both a homecoming and a general reminder that as a performer, she's one of the best to ever do it.

Case in point: Her incredible monologue, a ballroom-style ode to Rudolph's status as a mom of four and as "Mother," as Bowen Yang deemed her onstage. Anyone who's seen RuPaul's Drag Race knows the kind of oversized dress Rudolph first wore onstage can often mask a true Ru-veal of another outfit, and Rudolph shed her glam frock to unveil a sleek bodysuit with opalescent details. Strutting through SNL, Rudolph deservedly praised her own icon status.

"Maya! Maya!" cast member Punkie Johnson called as she turned a corner, accompanied by backup dancers.

"Not now, child — Mother is mothering," Rudolph declared. 

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While Rudolph's awesome SNL chops are no surprise, her joyful moments with Kenan Thompson, who she overlapped with for four years with as a cast member, was an additional delight. Sunday morning brought an additional cut-for-time sketch from Rudolph and Thompson, "T.T. and Mario's New Album," as an extra treat.

And, since it was Mother's Day, SNL treated the audience to another adorable moment with the cast's moms in a special cold open. Watch Maya Rudolph's SNL below.

Maya Rudolph during her monologue on Saturday Night Live Episode 1863

Watch Maya Rudolph's SNL monologue and sketches from May 11

"Mother's Day 2024 Cold Open"

Watch above

Getting to see the moms who molded the funny cast is a true treat every time, and this was no exception. 

"Maya Rudolph Mother's Day Monologue"

Call. Her. Mother.

Maya Rudolph Mother's Day Monologue

"Hot Ones with Beyoncé 2"

In this sequel to Rudolph's original "Hot Ones" parody starring the Cowboy Carter singer, we're even treated to a bar of "Texas Hold 'Em" amid the hilarity. And while Rudolph's ace Bey impression is legend, let's not overlook Mikey Day's also-great Sean Evans impersonation. 

Hot Ones with Beyoncé 2

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"Please Don’t Destroy - Explore Page"

Three men refuse to show their girlfriends their Instagram discover pages, but their secret is certainly discovered: they’re all obsessed with the same influencer “coach,” Uneeda Confidence (Rudolph, who is tears-of-laughter funny here).

Please Don't Destroy - Explore Page

"British Cavemen"

The simple premise let every member of the cast (and Rudolph) showcase their physical comedy talents.

British Cavemen

"Can You Pick Me Up?"

In this pretaped Mother's Day sketch, Rudolph plays a mom forced to make up excuses for her daughter whenever she calls to be picked up from a sleepover — and it has a surprisingly sentimental ending.

Can You Pick Me Up

"Teacher PSA"

At the end of Teacher Appreciation Week 2024, SNL toasts the very tired people who mold young America's minds.

Teacher PSA
Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson on Saturday Night Live Episode 1863

"Coffee Commercial"

People who are obsessed with Lauren Bacall's obscure High Point coffee commercial hive, rise up! Even if you don't get the reference, Rudolph's hilarious facial expressions carry the sketch. 

Coffee Commercial

"Cut for Time: T.T. and Mario's New Album"

Rudolph's return brought a reunion — not just between her and Kenan Thompson, but also their sensual soul duo, T.T. and Mario. 

T.T. and Mario’s New Album
Maya Rudolph Kenan Thompson and Bowen Yango n Saturday Night Live Episode 1863

"Nurse Appreciation"

As with teachers, nurses need a raise like, yesterday.