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Watch Kristen Wiig's Saturday Night Live Monologue and Sketches from April 6

Wiig's return to Studio 8H was a star-studded, laugh-packed affair that proved she's one of the best to ever do it. Watch every sketch below.

By Samantha Vincenty

When one of the best to ever do it returns to the Studio 8H stage, it's always going to be a special show. Kristen Wiig's April 6 Saturday Night Live episode saw her meshing perfectly with Season 49 cast members like James Austin Johnson and Heidi Gardner, yet the evening retained something of an old-school SNL feel.

How to Watch

Watch Saturday Night Live Saturdays at 11:30/10:30c on NBC and next day on Peacock.  

And that's because Wiig was joined by several—ok, many—celebrities with their own history at SNL. In honor of Wiig's new status as an SNL Five-Timer, one Five-Timer and several interlopers turned up during her monologue: Paul Rudd, Matt Damon, Martin Short, Will Forte, Paula Pell, Jon Hamm, Fred Armisen, and April 13 Host Ryan Gosling. A few even stuck around to appear in a sketch or two, most notably in a revival of the classic open-mic "Party" sketches featuring Wiig, Fred Armisen, and Will Forte as a sunglasses-wearing weirdo. 

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Wiig's talent as a performer and writer sparkled in sketches that found everyone involved playing deeply silly people (such as the first sketch of the night, in which Wiig played a woman who's scared of "getting Jumanji'ed"). The evening also featured two excellent performances by musical guest Raye in her SNL debut. 

Watch all of Kristen Wiig's sketches and her Five-Timer's Club monologue, below.

SNL April 6 TBS March Madness Cold Open

TBS March Madness Cold Open

The week's cold open eschewed politics to address another topic currently preoccupying the nation: March Madness. Refreshingly, the sports commentary focused on the women's NCAA tournament, with Heidi Gardner portraying controversial LSU Coach Kim Mulkey. 

Kristen Wiig's Five-Timers Club Monologue

Watch above.

Wiig's Five-Timers Club induction was a star-studded affair—even if the central joke was that there are far too many people in the Five-Timers Club now. (Martin Short arguably deserves an honorary robe for real, though.) 

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Kristen Wiig during her monologue for the 5 Timers Club on SNL episode 1860



Things get awkward at the dinner party when a woman (Wiig) refuses to play the board game Ticket to Ride—or any board game—for fear of "getting Jumanji-ed." But is her phobia really as absurd as it sounds? Will Forte makes his second cameo of the evening in the sketch.

Retirement Party

Retirement Party

Fans who remember the recurring "Party" sketches from Wiig's SNL era will recognize Gayle, her deeply strange, oxygen-tank-wheeling character in pink, Fred Armisen's creepy, curly-haired guy, and Will Forte's blonde-wigged weirdo. 

Kristen Wiig Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers during weekend update on saturday night live



That weekly pilates class can really sneak up on you. This pre-taped sketch is a faux horror movie trailer in which Wiig plays an unsettling pilates instructor, and it truly captures the complicated relationship one can have with those equally-complicated reformer machines.



Heidi Gardner's recurring secretary character, Trudy, is a relic from the swinging 1960s. So it's fitting that former Mad Men star Jon Hamm guest-stars in this edition that introduces Trudy's cousin Tootie (Kristen Wiig).

Kristen Wiig and Heidi Gardner during a sketch on snl episode 1860



Two parents (James Austin Johnson and Kristen Wiig) take their kids (Andrew Dismukes and Chloe Troast) to ride the Go-Karts—but not before informing them they have "something terrible" to tell them immediately afterward. Or after the bumper boats, it's up to them.

La Maison Du Bang!

La Maison Du Bang!

The SNL variety show parody channels the chaotic energy of those that came before it, from "What Up with That?" to "Sprockets" — and finds Wiig busting out some dance moves reminiscent of her "Body Fuzion" aerobics instructor.