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Chicago P.D.and Chicago Fire's Favorite Crossover Character Is Trudy Platt

All three One Chicago shows have featured the Windy City desk sergeant played by Amy Morton.

By Jessica White

One Chicago would be nothing without Trudy Platt, the Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. legend. As the desk sergeant of CPD's 21st District, Amy Morton's Trudy is simply a force to be reckoned with. Chronically sarcastic, fearlessly blunt, and endlessly talented at nickname-penning, she's become a fan favorite for those that tune in to Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire. (She has appeared in every season of Chicago P.D., dozens of episodes of Chicago Fire (so far), and several episodes of Chicago Med.)

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She is also half of the only crossover marriage within the series: Her marriage to Randall "Mouch" McHolland (Christian Stolte) is one of the longest-running relationships in One Chicago history.  

Let's look back at Trudy's long-running place in One Chicago history. 

Who is Trudy Platt from Chicago P.D.? 

Trudy is the tough-as-nails desk sergeant for the CPD's 21st District and, while she may not be close to any high-level action from the desk, she's still a commander in every sense. Introduced in the debut episode of Chicago P.D. ("Stepping Stone"), Trudy has since become a fan favorite for her iron fist and occasional gentle hand.

She also passed the detectives' exam twice but, after getting shot in her back on the job, she was forced to take a less physically demanding role within the CPD.  

Trudy is historically willing to do anything it takes to see justice served and understands that sometimes one must take matters into your own hands to see results. No one wants to land on Trudy's bad side: Her infallible tough exterior lends itself to protecting anyone who threatens those she loves. 

Trudy Platt on Chicago P.D Episode 206

Trudy Platt and Hank Voight's Relationship on Chicago P.D.

Chicago Pd Trudy Platt2

Throughout Chicago P.D., fans learned that Trudy is particularly good friends with 21st District Intelligence Unit Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe). Their bond is partially thanks to their respective ages, mirrored no-nonsense demeanors, and time spent together at the police academy. While fate put Trudy and Voight on different paths within the CPD, they've remained close over the years and often lean on each other during high-stress cases.  

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In Chicago P.D. Season 4, Episode 3 ("All Cylinders Firing"), Trudy's father was tragically murdered by a group of nefarious killers and, despite being injured during the investigation, the determined desk sergeant set out to avenge him by going after the murderer herself.

Trudy was seconds away from killing the person responsible, but Voight ran to her side and talked her out of her planned revenge. 

When did Trudy Platt start dating Chicago Fire's Mouch? 

Trudy met Mouch while attending Chief Wallace Boden's (Eamonn Walker) wedding in Chicago Fire Season 2, Episode 22 ("Real Never Waits"). During an iconic meet-cute at the wedding cake table, there was an instant connection between the two. While Trudy has always been consistently hard-headed and no-nonsense, Mouch has always been the messy jokester, and their relationship has been the perfect case study of how opposites attract.  

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In Season 4 of Chicago Fire, Mouch decided to ask Trudy to marry him by showing up to the CPD with a sloppy proposal, much to Trudy's dismay. While she criticized Mouch for the mucky workplace proposal, she later apologized and proposed to Mouch herself.

In Season 4, Episode 18 ("On the Warpath"), Trudy and Mouch got married at Chicago Fire mainstay bar Molly's and became One Chicago's only crossover marriage. 

Trudy Platt and Mouch's wedding on Chicago Fire 418

How did Trudy Platt become a co-owner of Molly's in Chicago Fire?

In Season 8 of Chicago Fire, keeping Molly's afloat became a cumbersome task after the tragic loss of its co-owner and Firehouse 51 firefighter Brian "Otis" Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov). As the only remaining owner, Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) struggled to keep the bar running and asked Mouch if he had an interest in investing in the venture. Unfortunately, Mouch didn't personally have the money to help him immediately.

Trudy, however, did, and after her husband discussed the opportunity, she agreed to kick in some cash to ensure the bar kept its doors open. Thus, Trudy, Mouch, and Herrmann become co-owners of Molly's.

While the bar has historically been a relaxed spot for the One Chicago family of first responders, Trudy instantly had big ideas for "how to take Molly's to the next level," as Mouch revealed. 

Trudy Platt appears in uniform on Chicago P.D. Episode 922

Trudy Platt's Relationships with Her P.D. Colleagues

Chicago Pd Trudy Platt

Trudy's become beloved for her humorous rapport with the many officers and detectives within the CPD: She can take a hard line with the patrol officers but tends to give a bit of unfair leniency to the detectives, likely due to her career history.  

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Despite her hard-nosed attitude, she's become a reluctant mentor to several of her colleagues at the CPD. Trudy was particularly hard on Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) at first, although their relationship has chilled over the years into a loving bond.

Trudy is an experienced officer so, while she prefers to keep things professional and stay out of people's personal lives, she's ironically often the smartest person in the room. As Chicago P.D. officers grow and thrive within the CPD, many have Trudy to thank for her witty and invaluable insights. 

Originally published Dec 20, 2022.