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Ryan Buggle Says He Loves Mariska Hargitay "More Than Words" on Her Milestone Birthday

The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actor honored the big day of his on-screen mother. 

By Jackie Manno

January 23 marks the 60th birthday of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Mariska Hargitay, and to honor the occasion, Ryan Buggle (who plays her on-screen son Noah Benson) gave her the best shoutout. 

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On Instagram, Buggle posted a heartwarming array of photos with Hargitay embracing him both on and off set, along with some throwback pics of when he first joined the show. The first image was a beautiful still of the entire cast.

"Happy Birthday M!! I love you more than words. You're a masterclass for life, and I think this day should be a national holiday! When people ask me what it's like working with you I pretty much just say that I pinch myself because they should take how great they already think you are and multiply by infinity!" he gushed in the caption. 

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Mariska Hargitay talks acting alongside Ryan Buggle 

Buggle holds a place that is near and dear to Hargitay's heart, as she reflected on her wonderful experience working with him in a recent interview with NBC Insider

"He is such a special human being," she said. "He's not like a lot of child actors. He is so good, wise beyond his years, so kind, just wants to learn and grow, and so engaged. Everyone adores him, and he's such a good little actor, so I feel so safe because he's really present and wants to learn. I just adore him because he's also a fascinating person."

She continued: "He's an incredible gymnast, he's a great little thinker, and he asks such good questions, and he's really open for anything. He's like a little adult, but in a good way. I adore him, and I love having scenes with him. Sometimes with little kids, it's like, 'OK, are they gonna get it? Am I gonna have to navigate this?' But with him it's not like that. I look forward to it. And I have real love for him." 

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Olivia and Noah Benson walk down the street together on Law and Order SVU episode 2310

Mariska Hargitay reflects on turning 60

In a recent interview with People, the actress opened up about her positive attitude when it comes to achieving the major milestone

“I’m so excited. I announce it constantly. I’m proud of it. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been,” she told the outlet. The age thing was never something I was scared of. I didn’t get cast until I was 35, and then the show kept going as I aged. At 45, we’d been on for ten years and I just met my husband. The man of my dreams. I got married at 40. I had August at 42. So it was like defying all the odds."

"I won an Emmy and all these major things kept happening. I didn’t take anything for granted. My beautiful children.  And then in my 50s, my foundation is on fire, and I’m on a show that matters, and I’m counting my lucky stars. How did I get here? And why does nobody care how old I am?”