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Nate Bargatze Is Fielding SNL Pitches from Friends & Family Ahead of Hosting

Stand-up comic Nate Bargatze told Seth Meyers he's been workshopping his SNL monologue at NYC comedy clubs, and described getting the call to host as "insane."

By Samantha Vincenty

Stand-up comedian Nate Bargatze visited Late Night with Seth Meyers on October 24 ahead of hosting the October 28 episode of Saturday Night Live. Prepping for the big night was a main topic of their conversation—which is no surprise, given that Host Seth Meyers was a cast member from 2001-2014. 

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Meyers expressed his delight that the comic was in New York to host SNL, though Bargatze had a hilariously humble outlook on getting the call.

"It's insane," Bargatze said. "When they asked, you're like, 'I don't know if I'm famous enough to do that.'"

Meyers asked how Bargatze's nerves were doing on the Tuesday before he goes live. "They called me on Sunday about a sketch idea," he said, "And I was like 'oh man, it's happening.'"

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The comedian is still having a pinch-me moment days out from the broadcast. "On Monday, you come in, and I mean—I'm really waiting for them to be like, 'we're not going to air this'," Bargatze joked, as Meyers giggled. "I'm just some trial show. They're like 'we just wanted to make sure the cameras worked.'"

Nate Bargatze on Late Night With Seth Meyers epiosde 1435

Nate Bargatze is workshopping his SNL monologue in NYC comedy clubs

In Meyers' experience as a former head writer for SNL, he told Bargatze that "the greatest feeling was when a stand-up would show up, because you knew they would handle their own monologue." 

Bargatze confirmed he'd be writing his own monologue for sure. "That's the only thing I can do that's good," he joked. He added that he's been workshopping some of the material at clubs in New York City this week.

Bargatze's friends are pitching SNL sketch ideas

Nate Bargatze stands on stage during his comedy set

As a fan of musical guest Foo Fighters, Bargatze can't wait for the show—and neither can his wife or his friends, who've apparently "let it fly" when it comes to pitches. 

"I get a lot of sketch ideas," he said. "Because this is everybody's dream, to have an in [with SNL]. You've watched Saturday Night Live your whole life, and you're like 'I've got a pretty good sketch idea."

Since the October 28 show was announced, "it's just been texts and e-mails of just like, 'run this by everybody," Bargatze laughed. 

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So, Meyers wonders, are they any good?

"I mean, some are like, 'Yeah that's funny," he said. "Then some are like, 'who do you think we are?' You think I can just walk into Saturday Night Live, with professional writers, and be like, 'hey my buddy Michael—he took some improv classes 40 years ago—I got him on the horn if y'all want to talk to him."

To see which of Michael's jokes made it in, watch Saturday Night Live at 11:35/10:35c on October 28 on NBC and on Peacock.