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Why Howie Told Murmuration They Were "Number One" After Their Amazing Final Act

The dance group made Howie Mandel ultra proud after he gave them the Golden Buzzer during auditions.

By Jackie Manno

French dance troupe Murmuration blew everyone away with their perfectly choreographed routine for the America's Got Talent Season 18 Finale. 

Murmuration's Live performance

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Led by choreographer Sadeck Berrabah and Jibril Maillot, the French dance troupe moved their arms rapidly to atmospheric music, giving an almost inhuman illusion. They manipulated lighting with their costumes onstage, even getting the audience to participate before spelling out "Can't You See We Are All 1?" with their bodies.

As for what inspired the performance, it was a tribute to nature, as Mumuration is a word for a large flock of birds. This also can be seen with their Live Show routine and audition, where the group used movements known as tutting to create fascinating shapes. 

After their Final dance Howie Mandel, who gave the group his Golden Buzzer of the season during their Audition, was clearly in awe. 

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"I couldn't be prouder. This is by far the best performance I have seen all season from any Act. This is so much more than a performance. This is a message. When you see the unity and the synchronicity and and even the words spelled out, if we all work together, we are one, and we can make beauty, and we can make art, and we can make peace. I love this. America, not only are we one, you, Murmuration, are number one. You should win," he gushed. 

Murmuration standing together on stage during America's Got Talent.
Murmuration performs during the Season 18 Finale of America’s Got Talent

Although the group defied expectations, they revealed to NBC Insider that their rehearsal earlier that day actually didn't go as planned. 

"I think we could've done way better. I think the pressure was there, but we are professionals," Maillot told us, explaining that they were looking to improve later on that night. 

It seems that they just that, with the Judges being none the wiser.

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"I mean, its breathtaking. You guys are what AGT is all about. Tonight is such a special night. It's gonna be such a difficult competition, and you guys can win," Sofia Vergara chimed in. 

Ultimately, Murmuration ended up finishing in third place for Season 18, with magician Anna Deguzman being the runner-up, and dog coach Adrian Stoica and his border collie Hurricane taking home the winning title