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Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban's Original Broadway-Style Duet Deserves a Tony

Clarkson and Groban put the performance together totally last minute. 

By Jackie Manno

In the pilot episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, singer-slash-Broadway star Josh Groban and Clarkson put together their very own musical-esque ballad that sounds like it could've been written by Andrew Lloyd Webe. And they gave an amazing impromptu performance of the tune. 

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Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban's original, musical theater-style song

During Groban's first appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Clarkson talked about how she first got introduced to showtunes when she was young. 

"I remember thinking, though, when I was first introduced to musical theater, 'Oh she's just gonna break out into song as if its normal?' I kind of thought that was awkward," Clarkson said. 

"It is awkward, and people who are sometimes a little weird about -" Groban began to explain. 

Then, Clarkson ironically cut him off and burst into a gorgeous tune. "Is it me, or is it just the way he smiles that leaves me breathless..." she sang. 

Groban jumped in without missing a beat. "How can I not tell her that I love her?" he sang with his signature rich tone.

Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show episode 7i003

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Then, in perfect timing, they immediately went back to their conversation and the audience cheered. When Groban started talking about his upcoming tour, Clarkson launched into a tune again.

"And all at once, my life starts to have meaning..." she sang a Broadway-style melody. 

Then, Groban joined her, and the two harmonized perfectly. "And all at once, I can't ever look back..."

They switched back to their fun chit-chat, then both dramatically stood up, as their song picked up in intensity. 

(Watch the duet for yourself, below.) 

"I finally found him..." Clarkson sang.

"I finally found her..." Groban chimed in.

"And I'll never be..." they sang together.

And just when the crowd thought Clarkson and Groban were gonna hit the final climatic note, they hilariously jumped back into their casual conversation. 

"It is just so great to talk to you. You're so awesome!" Clarkson said. 

"I just adore you!" Groban responded. 

Better yet, when Groban was back on The Kelly Clarkson Show in December 2020, Clarkson revealed that the two put the song together right before recording the episode. Tonys for everyone!