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Blake Shelton's Wine Tasting With Kelly Clarkson Had a Priceless Ending

The former The Voice Coaches let loose while sipping away. 

By Jackie Manno

Blake Shelton typically enjoys beer, bourbon, and vodka, but the Oklahoma native decided to step outside his comfort zone and dabble in some wine tasting while on The Kelly Clarkson Show a few years back. 

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Their tasting was guided by a master sommelier, Ian Cauble. The Voice alums started with a white wine, and Cauble taught them how to hold their glasses properly. He then instructed Clarkson and Shelton to hold the glass up to their nose so they can inhale the aromas. 

"What are you smelling, Blake?" Cauble asked. 

"Wine, what do you mean?" Shelton sharply responded, causing everyone to burst out in laughter.

They then took a sip, and Cauble explained the history behind flavor they were tasting. "This region used to exist under a shallow ocean for about 200 million years. So all of the seashells decompose, creating limestone. So what you're tasting on the palate is actually 185 million years in the making."

"Bad snails. What in the hell," Shelton quipped.  

"We can go back to bourbon if you want, Blake," Cauble jokingly responded. 

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Blake Shelton performs on stage during the Peoples Choice Country Awards

Next up was something more up Shelton's alley: vodka. More specifically, Shelton's own vodka brand, Smithworks. Cauble approved of the brand, noting its clean taste. 

"I was actually sipping on this before the show," Cauble said. 

"My man! You know exactly what you're talking about," Shelton cheered.

"It's no joke, this is really good. It's really smooth. Good job." Cauble praised. 

Clarkson then promptly took a shot out of a mini solo cup without hesitation. "Congrats Blake, a master sommelier has approved your vodka!" she said. 

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Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton's other wine adventure

This isn't the first time that Clarkson and Shelton have indulged in some wine together. Shelton and Clarkson recalled a funny story while on Access in 2023 about a wine-related incident that Clarkson had in the mid 2010s. 

“Kelly, I was at her house—this has probably been seven or eight years ago—her house in Nashville, and she got into the wine,” Shelton said. "And the reason I remember this is because she was wearing a white shirt that, by the end of the night, it looked like she had been coloring Easter eggs on her shirt." 

“In fairness, he’s talking about, like, years ago. I had just had a child, so I hadn’t had alcohol in months! So it wasn’t like I had a ton, I just couldn’t handle it,” Clarkson rebutted with a laugh.