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Jon Lovitz Makes an Exciting Appearance in the Latest Magnum P.I. Episode

In Season 5, Episode 17 ("Consciousness of Guilt") Magnum reunites with an old friend-slash-rival. 

By Jessica White

Every Magnum P.I. fan knows (and loves!) the guest stars who make their way to the island. And in Season 5, Episode 17 (airing December 6), it seems we have a former "rival" of Magnum's entering the fold. 

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In a preview for Season 5, Episode 17 ("Consciousness of Guilt"), Magnum (Jay Hernandez) finds himself calling on someone from his past for answers: a private investigator, Pierre, played by Saturday Night Live alum Jon Lovitz. 

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SNL alum Jon Lovitz guest-stars on Magnum P.I. 

In the preview (watch above), the action kicks off instantly, with Magnum barging in on Pierre's car stakeout. 

"Pierre!" Magnum says, making himself comfortable in the passenger seat.

"Ugh, Magnum! Come on, I'm working!" Pierre snaps. "Go ride a dolphin or something..."

"I can't do that. Literally, it's illegal," Magnum says before getting straight to business. "I need to talk to you."

"And what could two old rivals possibly have to talk about?" Pierre says. 

"You think we're old rivals?" Magnum asks.

"After the thing with the thing and the guy," Pierre uselessly reminds him. "Yeah, I think of us as rivals! Don't you?"

"I don't ever think of you," Magnum explains. "Like...ever."

Pierre shrugs the jab off, saying, "Well, for somebody who wants something from me, you're off to a great start."

"Well, actually, I think we can both help each other," Magnum pivoted.

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Despite their contentious history, Pierre's curiosity gets the best of him as Magnum dishes details on his current case. When Magnum asks Pierre why one of his former lawyer clients dropped her case, Pierre instantly clocks a lucrative opportunity.

Pierre talks to Thomas Magnum in a car on Season 5 Episode 17 of Magnum P.I

"What would this info be worth to you?" Pierre asks suspiciously, waiting for the negotiations to begin. And in the world of private investigations, client cases are the highest currency.

Magnum and Pierre then spend a humorous amount of time haggling for cases. Pierre wants five solid investigations, but Magnum refuses, threatening to blow up his entire stakeout if he doesn't get flexible. Pierre then asks for three P.I. cases as his final offer, and Magnum agrees. 

To find out what happens next, tune into Magnum P.I. Wednesday, December 6 at 9/8c on NBC.