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Rick and Suzy Took a Huge Step (and Had an Exciting Kiss) on the New Magnum P.I.

After years of growing tension, Rick had a big question for Suzy in Magnum P.I.'s latest episode.

By Jessica White

Rick Wright (Zachary Knighton) has been unlucky in love on Magnum P.I., but for years, fans have prayed for a romantic reunion between him and Suzy (Betsy Phillips). 

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Which makes sense. As Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez) and Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks) settle into their new relationship, fans, of course, want a happily ever after for Rick and Suzy, too. After all, they're the perfect pair—but their history, plus the birth of their daughter (Joy), has made Suzy hesitant to make things official. Knowing a relationship could complicate their co-parenting dynamic, Suzy told Rick that staying friends would be better for their child. 

But in Season 5, Episode 12 ("Three Bridges"), the tides finally turned for Rick and Suzy's relationship. Read, below, to find out what happened. 

Magnum P.I. Season 5, Episode 12 ("Three Bridges") recap

The tension builds between Piper and Rick

Rick from Magnum P.I

Since reaching their platonic agreement, Rick has resigned himself to adoring Suzy from afar while taking care of Joy. This impractical dynamic played out until Season 5, Episode 11 ("Hit and Run"), when Rick caught the eyes of a beautiful woman working at the docks, Piper (Chelsea Gilligan). Rick and Piper clicked fast, instantly prompting viewers to wonder if he was possibly ready to move on from Suzy. Despite his chemistry with Piper, Rick seemed hesitant about going on a date with her. 

The reluctance continued until "Three Bridges," when Rick found himself avoiding Piper after denying her advances. Higgins questioned Rick's hesitance; Suzy told him she isn't romantically interested, so why is he holding back? Rick explained he was worried about dating someone so close to his domain, but Higgins called him out for the excuse. Piper seemed perfect for him, so what's the problem with trying something new?

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Rick asks Piper out on a date

After chewing on his heart-to-heart with Higgins, Rick swallowed his pride and visited Piper on the docks. Piper was impressed by Rick finally coming out of his shell after weeks of avoiding her. That said, she insisted Rick needed to ask her out properly. The pair set up a date that night, and it was all set.

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But was Rick all set? It didn't appear so as he headed out for the date and ran into Kumu (Amy Hill). Kumu admitted she hoped Suzy and he could have worked things out, but she's just happy to see him in the dating field again. Rick appreciated the vote of confidence but still found himself unexcited as he left for his date with Piper. 

Rick shows up on Suzy's doorstep instead

Rick (Zachary Knighton) and Suzy (Betsy Phillips) make a toast while surrounded by friends at a bar

Right when it seemed Rick was ready to venture into uncharted waters with Piper, he found himself strolling up to Suzy's doorstep instead. Rick's had something on his mind for quite some time, and after Suzy opened the door, the confession came tumbling out. 

"You see, I was on my way to go on a date tonight," Rick explained. "She's funny, she's nice, she's smart, she's pretty. The thing is, she's not you. When you said before that you don't wanna keep seeing me, I totally heard you, and I respected that. I still do."

Rick continued, "But even thinking about going on a date with somebody else, it just doesn't feel right. So I'm just going to bring it up one last time, and if you still feel the same way, I promise I will never mention it again. So, should I go out on this date tonight?"

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Suzy listened to the heartwarming admission before fondly smiling.

"No," Suzy replied.

"No?" a delightfully shocked Rick asked.

"Do not go on a date with her," Suzy said. "Or anyone else."

Rick chuckled before the couple shared an emotional kiss. Rick headed inside, physically and metaphorically entering a new chapter with his longtime sweetheart. Rick and Suzy have finally accepted their mutual feelings for each other, and Magnum P.I. fans can't wait to see the couple thrive in the series' final season.

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