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The Higgins Pregnancy Mystery Was Solved in the Latest Magnum P.I. Episode

Higgins said some cryptic information to Magnum in a show trailer — but what is the truth?

By Jessica White

Magnum P.I. Season 5 has returned, and it will no doubt feature some epic cases, badass stunts, and steamy moments between Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez) and Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks).  

How to Watch

Watch Magnum P.I. on NBC and Peacock.    

"Heading into this season, we felt strongly that we had great stories. Putting [Magnum and Higgins] together just gave us some great stories and great scenes that we wanted to explore," Magnum showrunner Eric Guggenheim said in an interview with NBC Insider. "So we went forward with it. I have to say, it is, I think, really one of the best decisions we've ever made on the show. It’s really taking us to some interesting places. It has added a whole new dimension to the show that has been incredibly satisfying." 

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Season 5, Episode 11 ("Hit and Run") was the perfect kick-off for the show's last chapter. It all began with Magnum learning Higgins might be pregnant. Below, check out a recap of this and learn whether or not a Miggins baby is on the way. 

Is Higgins pregnant on Magnum P.I.?

Higgins created quite a stir in a teaser for Magnum P.I. after she told Magnum she was "late," prompting many to believe a mini-Magnum could be on the way. Like fans, Magnum was quite shocked by news of a possible pregnancy. As the new couple waited for test results, the pair explored the idea of raising a child together.

Alas, Higgins' results revealed she wasn't pregnant. 

"Oh," Magnum said after learning the news, much to Higgins' shock. He explained he was relieved and admits he would have been intimidated by the idea of becoming a father. However, he says he would've been very happy to learn she was expecting. Confused by this mixed reaction, Magnum made a heartwarming confession. 

"Whatever way this would have turned out; it would have been the right way because I love you," he said. 

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About Magnum and Higgins' romance on Magnum P.I.

In an interview with NBC Insider, showrunner Eric Guggenheim explained why he and the writers enjoyed getting Magnum and Higgins officially together in Season 5. 

Magnum Higgins on Magnum P.I.

“We never get tired of writing those banter-y scenes together, where they're kind of poking at each other a little bit. That kind of banter, that back and forth, is just a lot of fun,” he said.

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He also talked about what gives the couple their special spark. “What's fun is that these are two very different people," Guggenheim said. "They have similar experiences and similar trauma in their past, and that connects them, but their approach as investigators, they have different approaches. Their personalities are a little different. Magnum is romantic and more of a risk-taker, and Higgins is very guarded. If you had two characters who are very similar, it would make for a very boring relationship and some very boring scenes. But because these characters are so different that just makes for fantastic chemistry."