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Howie Mandel's Daughter & Granddaughter Dance Just Like Him in New Family Video

He may not be a natural, but he's having a great time!

By Elizabeth Logan

Howie Mandel has his own talents, and yep, they include dancing. If not perfectly, then passionately.

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The America's Got Talent Judge filmed a quick dance video with his daughter Jackelyn Shultz (who also produces his podcast, "Howie Mandel Does Stuff"), and her daughter Abbey, and it'll totally brighten your morning.

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Set to Celia Cruz's "Yo Viviré (I Will Survive)", the video is taken in Mandel's spacious foyer and shows himself in a dark jumpsuit, Abbey in a flower power sweater and Shultz in slippers. The trio bop around, with Abbey even mimicking some of her grandfather's moves.

Mandel put a "Dance Party" graphic on the video before posting it to Instagram, where commenters wished the family a Happy Hanukkah. (No, dancing isn't part of any Hanukkah tradition, but family time certainly is!

Howie Mandel and his daughter Jackelyn Schultz's podcast

Shultz isn't just the podcast's producer, she's also a co-host. “[The podcast] came out of the fact that during the pandemic, we couldn’t see each other—we would spend hours on the phone together, me and Jackie — and we’d be making prank calls, and we would be just laughing, and being inappropriate, and pranking her mom, just having fun,” he said. “My wife would walk in and go, ‘Who is this for, what is this even for?’ And I’d go, ‘We’re just having fun,” Mandel told Access Hollywood about the project's origins. 

Now Abbey has joined the family business. She recently signed on as Mandel's photo shoot posing coach, giving him pointers and even joining him in front of the camera. Check out the cute pictures and video here. 

Howie Mandel and his Daughter Jackie Shultz

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Mandel's son, Jackelyn's brother, Alex Mandel, is also super entertaining, though he doesn't seem to have any interest in dancing. He cracks jokes like his old man...often at his old man's expense. 

In October, for Alex's 34th birthday, Mandel posted a clip of himself arriving at his son's birthday dinner. "Alright I was just working, and this is my son Alex's birthday..." Mandel said to the camera, then zooming in to show Alex eating the cake with the candle already blown out.  "Alex, did I miss it?" Mandel asked. "Yeah, but it's okay. I'm used to it. It's like my childhood. You just weren't here," Alex responded without missing a beat. It's called comedy.