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Heidi Klum Says She "Got Into So Much Trouble" for Participating in This AGT Act

Heidi Klum spilled the sauce while eating spicy chicken wings on Hot Ones with host Sean Evans about the AGT Act that terrified her the most.

By Shameika Rhymes

America’s Got Talent Judge Heidi Klum cranked up the heat and dropped some tea on the show Hot Ones. The model joined host Sean Evans to take on the hottest of wings and have a conversation about her career, which of course meant her dishing on her time as an AGT Judge.

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The sauce made Klum share how her kids feel about spicy foods, the most expensive outfit she's ever worn, and she even revealed that she got in trouble with her husband, Tom Kaulitz, after participating in a dangerous AGT audition. 

The AGT Audition that Scared Heidi Klum The Most

Ken Jeong and Heidi Klum on America's Got Talent Epsiode 1307

As anyone who has watched AGT knows, some of the best Acts enlist the help of the Judges panel for their auditions. During the Hot Ones interview, Heidi revealed that the most frightening AGT audition she ever participated in was when she had an apple shot off of her head in 2018.

“The guy is all the way in the audience with a bow and arrow and he shoots an apple off of my head,” she explained.

She added that her husband told her not to ever do anything like that again, because “things do go wrong,” and it’s OK if she participates in some goofy things.

“That was super terrifying,” she added. 

The Act in question was even more terrifying than that. It involved known AGT personality Aaron Crow asked Klum and guest Judge Ken Jong to join him on stage. While there, he affixed a green laser pointer on a bow and arrow and took his position in the crowd atop a spinning platform. As Jong held the apple in place, Klum sat still as his human target with an apple on her head waiting for him to rotate into position and take the shot. 

Fortunately for her, and the rest of us, Crow not only hit his mark, but nailed the bullseye on the other side. 

You can watch the act in this video

Other Highlights from Heidi Klum's Hot Ones Appearance

Heidi Klum poses with her hands on her hips for season 19 of AGT

The hotter the wings of death got, the more heat Heidi felt, and despite the buttermilk, the sauces were way too hot for her to handle. After a taste of Da Bomb hot sauce, Klum took her denim shirt off and finished the interview and the wings in her red bra. Even Sean had to unbutton his shirt because the site of Klum in a bra left him stunned.

“Woah, now I’m getting hot, too, Heidi,” Evans joked. 

Klum even opened up about her personal life, specifically her spice tolerance. She has four kids with her ex-husband, musician Seal. She revealed that hot, spicy things aren’t their thing.

“Even if I put pepper on the food, they are like ‘oh mom that’s a little hot,’” she shared.

She also added that she isn’t a fan of spicy foods herself, but she made it through this interview with some extra spice since she cooled off without her shirt on. She also kept making sure every step of the way that she was keeping pace with the host and his spice tolerance.

The end of the episode wrapped with Heidi giving supermodel poses to represent how she felt about each hot sauce. Although she was clearly feeling the heat as Evans explained the game to her, she's a true professional and managed to serve looks every time after eating her way through the hottest wing sauces. 

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