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You’ll Have to Listen to this Father-Son Duo’s Super-Fast Rap Twice

The undeniably "cool" Australian rappers Flewnt and Inkabee "bond over music" and show it in their AGT audition. 

By Grace Jidoun

Rapping comes so naturally to 11-year-old Inkabee — there’s no denying what his true calling is. Since he was 7 years old, he has been performing with his award-winning musician dad, Flewnt, and the charming Australian pair electrified the stage with an original song on America’s Got Talent, Season 19.

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“Now the best music I make is because my son is by my side,” said Flewnt, whose real name is Josh Eggington.

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“Hip hop brought us all the way here,” he told Simon Cowell before launching into their performance. “We do songs together as father and son, and we bond over music.”

Flewnt had Inkabee at just 16 years old, and being a young parent helped the father and son connect. “Having him young, growing up with him. It’s been incredible,” said the proud dad.

What to know about father-son duo Flewnt and Inkabee

Flewnt And Inkabee perform on stage on AGT Episode 1904

The successful Perth-based rapper introduced Inkabee to the music world with his December 2022 track, “Beat the Odds,” which the duo co-wrote and produced together. They often incorporate messages of hope and activism into their lyrics, which clearly resonate with fans. A video of Inkabee’s stage debut went viral, and the preteen has already been nominated for two West Australian Music awards.

The father and son also pride themselves on their First Nation heritage as members of the Noongar Wongi tribe.

“My name was given to me by my grandpa,” Inkabee explained to the Judges. Australia’s First Nations people are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who trace their history in the region for thousands of years.

The two just wrapped a tour with the 2024 Perth Festival that celebrated First Nations music and culture across Western Australia.

"It was wonderful, they kind of went crazy … they also started chanting my name,” Inkabee recalled to ABC News Australia.

What song did they perform on America’s Got Talent?

Inkabee and Flewnt performed an original song they co-wrote called “We Dat Good.” The father and son make all the decisions on the songs together, said Flewnt, “It’s a full collaboration.”

As they launched into the first lyric, the judges sat back in awe. Soon enough, the entire audience began grooving along, including Sophia Vergara, who threw her hands in the air and swayed to the beat.

“Wait, Inkabee, they saying an 11-year-old shouldn’t be doing what you doing,” rapped Flewnt. “You know, let’s just show ‘em, my boy.”

This was Inkabee’s cue to unleash an epic solo rap that was a highlight of the performance.

As they finished with the line, “We dat good,” the audience erupted in a standing ovation, and Simon concurred: “You are that good.”

What did the Judges say about Flewnt and Inkabee?

Flewnt And Inkabee perform on stage on AGT Episode 1904

With just a few years performing together under their belts, Flewnt and Inkabee have proven to the Judges that they’re ready to take on the world. “You are just a superstar,” Howie Mandel told Inkabee. “It’s mesmerizing. You’re stars.”

When Heidi Klum told Inkabee, “I wish I was half as cool as you are,” you could see the young rapper’s face light up in a smile. “Both of you are just so adorable together. It sounded great,” she continued.

Sophia Vergara spoke for everyone when she exclaimed, “I can’t believe that you’re 11 years old! You are born to do this. And you have the coolest dad in the world. I think you guys are going to go really far in this competition.”

Simon’s wheels were turning, and he was already thinking ahead to potential business deals. “I think you are going to be the face of so many things because you’re so cool,” he said to Inkabee, later adding, “If I were Nike, I would sign that kid up, like, now.”

The humble rappers were just glad to go to the next round of the competition for now. When Terry Crews caught up to them backstage, Inkabee admitted, “I was feeling super nervous, but when I got up there, it just all went away.”

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