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How the Ramadhani Brothers Stepped it Up From Their First to Last Performances

The duo made a splash on AGT: Fantasy League but it's far from their most shocking Act.

By Shameika Rhymes

America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League ended its spectacular, best-in-the-world run and declared its first winners, the impressive acrobatic duo known as the Ramadhani Brothers, who already made a name for themselves on America's Got Talent in Season 18.

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The Tanzanian group, Fadhili Ramadhani and Ibrahim Jobu, have the capability of making viewers' jaw drop and eyes glued to their every move. They competed on Season 18 of America’s Got Talent and finished in 5th place, which fulfilled their dreams.

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“First of all, this has been a dream for us, to expose our talent in America. We’ve always wanted, always dreamed. Like, 'Where can we go and expose our talent? Because we’ve been always practice back in Tanzania, practiced and then, you say, 'Nah, I think we are able to go and perform and compete somewhere that people will see, and hopefully, we can live a good life,” Fadhili told NBC Insider on the AGT: Fantasy League red carpet.

The pair, who specialize in balancing each other on their heads and doing acrobatic stunts, snagged a Golden Buzzer in Fantasy League to sail through to the Finals, and blew away Judges Mel B, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel.

“So, each time, when we go on stage, we have to go bigger and bigger and bigger,” Fadhili shared. 

To celebrate their win, we're looking back at the Ramadhani Brothers' first and latest performances on the AGT stage to see how far the head-to-head balancing team has come. 

The Ramadhani Brothers' first AGT Audition

When we first met the Ramadhani Brothers on America’s Got Talent in Season 18, they started their routine, head-to-head on a platform, then walking down 6 steps and speedwalking to a star pose. Host Terry Crews was so shocked, he just yelled, “No!”

The Judges and the audience were in awe as they took their balancing act backward up the stairs and onto the platform with a kick that would have sent anyone else toppling to the ground. Ibrahim then sat down into a split while his brother was on top of his head, then pushed himself back up to standing. They continued the act on a ladder by going up and then coming back down the other side, all while maintaining the seemingly impossible balancing Act. They received a standing ovation from the audience and the Judges. They got a resounding “Yes” from all of the Judges to move on to the next round.

America's Got Talent gave us opportunity. And then, when we come here, through our first audition, everyone goes crazy. Everyone loves it,” Fadhili said to NBC Insider. 

Howie Mandel called the Ramadhani Brothers' head-to-head balancing Act the scariest and most dangerous Act he’d ever seen on America’s Got Talent

The Ramadhani Brothers' last AGT performance

During the Finals of America's Got Talent: Fantasy League, the Ramadhani Brothers had everyone on the edge of their seats starting off with a handstand balancing Act. It then transitioned into a head-to-head balancing Act while Ibrahim held onto two ladders, one on each side of them. He took a step up, as the platform started to lift. He continued up the stairs with the Fadhili still balancing on his head, and once they made it to the top, they paused for what seemed like an eternity. The platform lowered and they descended down the ladders. 

The second half of their performance was just as nerve-wracking as the Ramadhani Brothers added a blindfold to the performance. Ibrahim was blindfolded while Fadhili balanced on top of his head as they climbed another, taller ladder. They paused for a few seconds, and climbed back down. The entire audience, Judges included, gave them a standing ovation.

“Even the Judges, they scream and they shouted. Give us a very good comment about the performance, so this... We are so happy for that. We are feeling blessed for that one. And this one gives us energy that we always wanted to be back in America. Always wanted to be here to expose our talent,” explained Fadhili to NBC Insider.

After their final’s performance, Fadhili told Crews, “This means a lot for us, and we are here to win.” 

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