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Why Blake Shelton Says Carson Daly Is a 'Grumpy Old Man'

As The Voice's longtime BFF duo, Shelton and Daly know each other best.

By Jessica White
The Coaches Compete in Blake and Carson's New Game Show, Barmageddon | NBC's The Voice 2022

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Season 23 of The Voice is quickly approaching, and fans are gearing up for longtime Coach Blake Shelton's final season in the red chair. Many fans are sad to see him go, and there's no doubt that Shelton's BFF and Voice Host Carson Daly will also feel some type of way about it.

Fun fact: Shelton and Daly are great friends outside of The Voice. Besides Daly officiating Shelton and Gwen Stefani's wedding, the pair started their own game show, Barmageddon, on USA Network. They're tight, simply put, but make no mistake: Shelton still has jokes about Daly! 

"Carson's a grumpy old man," Shelton tells People. "He truly is the grumpiest man on the planet, and I'd say that if he were sitting right here next to me." 

But listen: Daly's grumpiness is totally relatable. Just listen to what else Shelton has to say. 

"He is just one of those guys where he's got a backache, or he's mad I'm taking too long. He's just always chewing my ass out about something," Shelton says. 

This isn't a dealbreaker for the "No Body" singer, though. In fact, Shelton claims his friendship with Daly is so amazing because "it rolls off my back, and he's OK with me making fun of him."

Shelton, unsurprisingly, enjoys this frequent back-and-forth with Daly, dubbing it an integral part of their friendship. He went so far as to compare his dynamic with Daly to the "two old men on The Muppets that are just jawing the entire time." Can we get Shelton and Daly Muppets based on Statler and Waldorf? Please?

Of course, Shelton was quick to admit that if the tables were turned, Daly would echo his sentiments and claim Shelton is a grump, as well.

No matter what, fans love the duo that is Blake Shelton and Carson Daly and can't get enough of their endless banter. "He is the glue of The Voice. I've said that for years," Shelton lovingly said.

Looks like he'll always appreciate Daly for everything he brings to The Voice, even on his grumpiest days!

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