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The Reason Mel B Gave This Bizarre Act the First X of the Season

Wes-P is known for being a risque act, but this is what sent Mel B over the edge on America's Got Talent: Fantasy League.

By Shameika Rhymes

Simon Cowell begrudgingly drafted a memorable Act for his turn on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League. But he vowed to make the best of the situation, but it seems Mel B wasn't sold.

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Novelty Act Wes-P may have been eliminated on America’s Got Talent Season 13, but the disappointment changed his life. He’s now got millions of social media followers on his side this time.

“I never thought that you would choose me,” Wes-P told Cowell. He wanted to make his mentor like him and be proud of him. However, given the strange nature of his Act, that was no easy feat.  

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Wes-P can be a little risqué. As a result, during his audition, he caused Mel B to give the first X of the season. 

Who is Wes-P? 

Wes-P auditions for America's Got Talent Season 13.

Kazuhisa Uekusa is a performer from Japan who specializes in tricks that strategically cover (or in some cases reveal) his naked body. He performed a novelty act for his audition on America’s Got Talent Season 13 with a tablecloth. Howie Mandel was the only judge who voted for his Act to go through, which wasn't enough. Sadly, he was eliminated from the competition but managed to gain a following on social media with videos of his unique performances. Ironically, despite voting for him to get the boot during his initial run on AGT, he's now got Cowell in his corner rooting him on for AGT: Fantasy League

What World Records Does Wes-P have?  

Wes-P on stage on AGT: Fantasy League Episode 102

Despite being one of the stranger Acts to grace to AGT stage, Wes-P has some actual World Records! He achieved the multiple Guinness World Records titles for the longest duration balancing a wine glass on the head with a rotating blower for 28 seconds. He did it on the set of the Italian television show Lo Show Dei Record in Milan, Italy in February 2023. 

Other Guinness World Records for Wes-P include: 

Most objects removed simultaneously from under glass bottles with a ruler (no hands).

Most matches lit with plungers attached to the body in one minute.

Tallest double Jenga tower cloth pull with the body.

Fastest time to remove 20 casino chips under a glass bottle (no hands).

Most hoops passed through by a table tennis ball elevated with a hairdryer held between the legs in one minute.

Most pieces of paper removed from a stack of cups using the body.

Why did Mel B Give Wes-B an X?

Wes-P on stage on AGT: Fantasy League Episode 102

 “This is worth watching,” declared Cowell before Wes-P took the stage.

The performer started the audition sweating nervously, but he then ripped his shirt off to do his first tablecloth trick that looked painful while he pulled a card from between a stack of glasses. He then took his pants off, to begin somethign else, but this was the last straw and Mel B immediately gave him an X.

She turned away in disgust as he performed his next tablecloth trick naked behind a balloon that kept wanting to float away.

“These are your ideas?” Mel B asked Cowell as he nodded yes.

Wes-P finished the Act with two plungers on fire attached to his chest with a tablecloth wrapped around him. Cowell, demonstrating what a change of heart he's had about Wes-P now that he's on his Dream Team, gave him a standing ovation.

“I just wasted four minutes of my life that I’m never going to get back,” Mel B explained. She didn’t think he performed a dangerous Act. While Wes-P was stunned by her feedback, he was really blown away when Cowell told him he really liked him.

That’s what he came for! 

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