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Watch Tina Fey Hilariously Present Her Weird Halloween Decorations That Amy Poehler "Hates"

Consider this a taste of the Restless Leg Tour: Fey gave Seth Meyers a very funny show-and-tell of creepy items Amy Poehler doesn't approve of. 

By Samantha Vincenty

When it comes to longtime friends and comedy collaborators Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, "there are very few things we disagree on," Tina Fey told Seth Meyers during her January 11 visit to Late Night with Seth MeyersBut there is one thing that Fey loves that her Restless Leg Tour-mate Amy Poehler cannot abide: Fey's collection of admittedly-kitschy Halloween decorations.

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"Amy hates Halloween and I love Halloween," the Mean Girls writer told Meyers.

"I'm shocked," Meyers said, then clarifying that he was "shocked that you like it."

"Oh, I like corny-mom HomeGoods Halloween," Fey told Meyers. "I don't want anything scary to happen. I have little light-up boxes that say like, 'A witch lives here with her two little monsters.' And Amy's like, "Boooo!'" 

As Fey's thumbs-down gesture makes clear, Poehler doesn't mean "boo" in the spooky-ghost sense. She means it in the "I don't enjoy this!" sense. 

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"There have been times where I'll send her stuff that I have in my house, and she's like, 'I hate that. Get it out of your house,'" Fey added.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler going on Tour

Thus, Fey decided to treat the Late Night audience to a very funny rundown of the Halloween decorations that drive Poehler nuts. Check it out to learn whether you're Team Fey or Team Poehler on this issue.

Tina Fey hilariously presents the Halloween items Amy Poehler "hates"

"I have like, two or three—I know it's three—full-sized skeletons," Fey said. "I have a fake TV that looks like a '50s TV, that when you turn it on a hand comes through the screen."

That's just for starters. "I have 3-D portraits of every member of my family from the Haunted Mansion in Disney World," Fey continued. "Which is cool, because if you look at it from one side, it's your face, but if you look at it from the other side, it's the face of a person who wasted $200."

Fey then presented a photo of a very cute mug emblazoned with three grumpy jack-o-lanterns with the word "Scary!" on it. "Just know that if my house was on fire, and I had to choose between my wedding album and this mug, I would 100 percent take this mug."

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"When I saw this mug in a HomeGoods, I felt like must be what like Leonardo DiCaprio feels like when he sees a 19-year-old model," Fey joked. "Because I was like, "God damn it! I will have her."

"Is this a Halloween-only mug?" Meyers asked. 

"No," Fey said. "You know why? Because it doesn't actually say anything about Halloween, so it's it's year-round." 

As for why Fey likes it so much: "If I were an object, I would be this mug, because it says "Scary!", but it's not really scary, and it's a little bit wider and heavier than you expect." Gold.

Tina Fey on Late Night With Seth Meyers Episode 1469

A mug is pretty standard, but Meyers teased that "things are about to change."

"Last year, I bought this guy," Fey said, as Meyers held up a photo of a creepy pumpkin-headed ragdoll with humanoid eyes. 

"You know," Fey conceded, "he's maybe not something a woman purchases while her husband is alive. Feels more like something that should be made for you by volunteers from the church? But I bought him. Am I okay?"

No, a vocal section of the Late Night audience says. "It's starting to turn," Fey nodded. Especially because she went on to purchase two more of the frightening pumpkin people: A cheerleader and a football player. 

"Definitely the same craftsman," Meyers noted. 

"Listen, I had to buy both of them, because, obviously, they're a couple," Fey said. "She's wearing a ring around her neck, so they have clearly made some sort of chastity promise to each other."

Watch Tina Fey's entire Halloween decor bit above—and below, watch her reminisce about the 2004 Mean Girls ahead of the 2024 Mean Girls musical movie, hitting theaters on January 12.

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