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See Why Chance The Rapper Compared Manasseh Samone to a Young Jennifer Hudson

Manasseh Samone took a second try at auditioning for "The Voice," and received major compliments from Coach Chance The Rapper.

By Caitlin Schunn
Manasseh Samone on The Voice Blind Auditions Part 3

Sometimes life gives you a second chance, and a 22-year-old Texas woman just made the most of hers during Blind Auditions for The Voice on Season 23. Manasseh Samone, who is from Dallas, blew Coach Chance the Rapper away with her rendition of “Rise Up” by Andra Day, as he called her the biggest blessing of the show so far.

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“Manasseh reminds me of a young Jennifer Hudson,” Chance said.

If Samone looks familiar, that’s because just one season ago she auditioned for The Voice, but failed to get any Coaches to turn their chairs. Former Coach John Legend suggested she polish her bravado — a suggestion she took to heart.

“Since my last audition, I’ve been definitely working on my artistry,” Samone said. “I’m classically trained, and I sing opera, so I definitely want to bring that to the table.”

She called her Season 22 audition heartbreaking, but said she was grateful to be back.

“I’m not going to give up,” Samone said. “And three out of four coaches have not heard me sing, so I feel like I’m just starting fresh. I just need one person to believe in me, and this time I’m going to get a chair turned.”

As she sang the lyric “move mountains” during her Blind Audition, Chance quickly turned his chair.

“This is the biggest blessing of the show so far,” Chance said. “I can’t believe I just got you like that! Your vocals are insane, your breath control is insane, the tone of your voice is just so specific and unique and I think towards the end I felt like an operatic tone too.”

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Coach Kelly Clarkson called Samone’s voice beautiful, and sensed her opera training in her singing.

“I looked over right when he was turning and I was like, man, she’s got some opera in her — that’s a really pretty bravado,” Clarkson said. “It’s a gorgeous tone.”

Coach Niall Horan pointed out Chance’s excitement made him pause on turning.

“Your voice is so big, and so far nearly out of my wheelhouse, so that’s why I kind of just took a backseat for a sec, because I could see Chance was going nuts over here before he turned,” Horan said.

Manasseh Samone Delivers Incredible Range on Andra Day's "Rise Up" | The Voice Blind Auditions | NBC

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