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Hear Why Angelina Nazarian and Alison Albrecht’s Rehearsal Had Reba “Bawling” Tears

The Artists’ heartfelt duet of Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” got the emotions flowing on Team Reba.

By Benjamin Bullard

Sometimes when you make The Queen cry, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Night 2 of Battles on The Voice took Reba McEntire and her fellow Coaches on an emotional roller coaster ride, after Team Reba Artists Angelina Nazarian and Alison Albrecht came together for a tear-jerking duet that McEntire confessed even had her “bawling” during the duo’s pre-performance rehearsals.

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“I like songs that touch my heart, and that’s definitely one of them,” Reba said of her choice of contemporary Christian hit “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. “…Angelina got it right away — I mean, she got into that space. And it transformed Alison. And she lit up, and by the time we finished their segment, I was bawling!”

Angelina Nazarian and Alison Albrecht sing "You Say" by Lauren Daigle on The Voice Season 24 Battles

Alison Albrecht and Angelina Nazarian stand together onstage

McEntire and Daigle are real-life friends, having teamed up to record a song together for Reba’s 2018 holiday album My Kind of Christmas. During rehearsals, Alison and Angela absolutely nailed all the heart-stirring elements that make Daigle's “You Say” really resonate, said Reba — so much so, in fact, that she kind of got into the spirit of the occasion herself. 

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“I mean, I threw both hands in the air, praising the Lord! That’s the kind of reaction you want from an audience,” she said. “If they do that on the Battle round stage, I’m up salt creek without a paddle — because they’re both so good, it’s gonna be even harder for me to choose!”

Battles on The Voice always bring out the Artists’ best, and Reba’s fellow Coaches were blown away by Nazarian and Albrecht’s stage chemistry. 

“Angelina, you’re 17; you seem like a fragile girl, and then this voice comes out and it’s just so strong and powerful!” enthused Gwen Stefani, who appeared to be tearing up herself (just a little!) during the duo’s set. “And Alison, the way that you sing and the choices that you made — just the little, like, runs that you did — were just so emotional… Both of you were… amazing!”

Not that he had an easy time of it, but Niall Horan likewise gave a slight nod of approval to Albrecht — mainly, as he put it, “on emotion alone.” John Legend didn’t even try to pick Team Reba’s eventual winner, equally doling out praise for both the Artists themselves as well as McEntire’s inspired song selection: “That was so powerful. It was such a great song choice by Reba,” he said. “The lyric of that song is just so meaningful, and I felt like both of you embodied that through your performance.”

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Alison Albrecht performs onstage

In the end, Niall and Gwen were right on target. After giving both Artists one whopper of a compliment (“Lauren Daigle’s a good friend of mine; I know she’ll be very proud of your performance!” she beamed), The Queen selected Alison to advance beyond the Battles round. But she likely won’t forget the lasting impression that both Albrecht and Nazarian made on Team Reba.

“Emotion, to me, means a lot — If you can’t portray an emotion to your audience… it’s a ‘song,’” McEntire reflected. “Y’all did that in rehearsals… You saw what it did to me. I was crying!”

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