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Reba McEntire Says Dolly Parton Can Only Be Contacted Through 1 Unusual Way

The Voice Coach gave some funny details about her relationship with Parton. 

By Jackie Manno

From making a rock album to promoting the 2024 Paris Olympics, Dolly Parton is certainly busy bee. (She even recently turned down a tea date with Kate Middleton due to her booked schedule.) In fact, the "9 to 5" singer is so occupied 24/7, that not even her friend, fellow country legend Reba McEntire, can easily get ahold of her. 

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In an October interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy CohenMcEntire revealed that Parton does not text, email, or use her landline. However, there is one particular way that McEntire can contact Parton, but it happens to be rather old-fashioned. 

The method in question? "Fax," McEntire stated. "I don't have her telephone number. And I asked Kenny Rogers one time, I said, 'Do you have Dolly's number?' he said, 'No.'"

Good thing McEntire doesn't seem to take the whole thing too personally. (Hey, if you were as famous as Dolly Parton, you'd want some privacy too!)

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Reba McEntire talks about how Dolly Parton inspires her

In a September interview with Newsweek, McEntire explained that Parton is one of her biggest musical influences. "I grew up listening to Dolly Parton, when she had her very first album, My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy. I love that album because she wrote songs and told a story. I like a song that tells a story," she told the outlet.

McEntire and Parton also have very similar outlooks as Artists. "Dolly and I, we just love, we're not here to judge or to preach. We love what we get to do," McEntire said. 

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Reba McEntire smiles while backstage at Th eVoice

Reba McEntire talks about her time as a Coach on The Voice

In the same Newsweek interview, McEntire talked about how her first run on The Voice as a Coach has been. 

 "It's a well-oiled machine, so getting in at this time is marvelous," she told the outlet. "Everybody knows the game plan, from the crew, the producers. Everybody on the show is so nice, so sweet, and have been so helpful. I'm loving it," she said of Season 24. 

The "Fancy" singer is also picking up some techniques from Coaches John Legend, Niall Horan, and Gwen Stefani. "Every day that we're working on The Voice, I'm learning more from them how to let 'em down easy if they don't get picked up, coach 'em, and if you can give them any advice whatsoever," she said. "Like if none of the Coaches turn around, they're going home immediately. And so it's good just to say, 'If you want to come back again, try it again next season, maybe a song that suits you, one that you're really comfortable with and that really shows your talent,' give them advice and encourage them to come back." 

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