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Kelly Clarkson Shocks Fan with a "Since U Been Gone" Duet

Further proof that Clarkson is simply perfect at blending her vocals to compliment fellow performers. 

By Jessica White
Kelly Clarkson Covers 'Real Love' By Mary J. Blige | Kellyoke

As an audience member, being able to grab the microphone and shout out your family on the TODAY show is an honor. But getting to perform a surprise duet with vocal legend Kelly Clarkson? That's simply mind-blowing. Fans of The Kelly Clarkson Show love her "Kellyoke" segment, and Clarkson is currently taking it on the road, with a nationwide "Kellyoke" Search

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Clarkson stopped by the TODAY plaza in New York on Tuesday just in time to find Jade Brathwaite singing an impressive run of her iconic track, "Since U Been Gone." Brathwaite is a lifelong singer, and proved her vocal prowess instantly while singing the first verse.

The moment became even more unforgettable when Brathwaite turned around to find Clarkson joining her just in time for the chorus. Brathwaite screamed in delight while jumping up and down... Can you blame her? It's not every day you get a surprise visit from one of your vocal idols!

Clarkson was blown away by Brathwaite's pitch-perfect runs, which provided a fun twist to the song. "I am totally stealing that run!" Clarkson said. "That run, I was like 'Ah!' That was good!"

Brathwaite, who is currently completing her degree at New York University, revealed that she wishes to be a music educator. "That's beautiful!" Clarkson exclaimed, hugging Brathwaite while continuing to praise her talent. "Oh my God! She did good!"

The two singers then sang the chorus from "Since U Been Gone" together, this time with Clarkson snatching that run that Brathwaite sang when she surprised her. Clarkson and Brathwaite sounded fantastic, proving once again that Clarkson is simply perfect at blending her vocals to compliment her fellow vocalists. TODAY host Hoda Kotb was blown away, echoing the thoughts of the cheering audience. "That was amazing!"

The Kellyoke search is far from over, as Clarkson will head to Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles to sing with even more talent. Fans should keep their eyes peeled — Clarkson might just be around the corner! 

Season 4 of The Kelly Clarkson Show premieres September 12.