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Julia Roberts' Box of Lies Game Featured a Hilarious Christopher Meloni Product We Wish Was Real

We never knew we needed to hear Julia Roberts say "Christopher Meloni's Baloney-Flavored Beefaroni" until now.

By Samantha Vincenty

Julia Roberts visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on December 5, to talk about her latest film, Leave the World Behind, and tell Jimmy Fallon about taking her kids to a Taylor Swift concert (Roberts is a self-described Swiftie, her favorite Taylor Swift song is "Betty," and she calls her Spotify Wrapped "embarrassing.") Roberts, who somehow has two college-aged kids already, also sat down opposite Fallon to play a Tonight Show game that Swift has also played in the past: "Box of Lies."

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Roberts brought her game face—framed by some incredible fringe bangs—to the table. The Academy Award winner also flexed her acting skills right off the bat. Amid the hilariously strange props the minds at the Tonight Show came up with: A big o'l can of Christopher Meloni's Baloney-Flavored Beefaroni. While the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star doesn't actually have a canned food line, we sure wish it was real.

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Julia Roberts on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1884

Julia Roberts plays "Box of Lies" with Jimmy Fallon

Box of Lies with Julia Roberts

Roberts doesn't just have screen acting chops—she's clearly a master improviser. In her first round, when her box contained a holiday tableau featuring a tiny A.L.F. doll in a Santa suit next to a bowl of peppermint candies (an "A.L.F. on a shalf," if you will), she effortlessly described it as "a picture frame made of peppermint candies, with a picture of us from the last time I was on the show."

"We looked a lot better then," Roberts told a laughing Fallon. "And I'm just wondering if this is a Christmas gift that I get to take home with me."

While Fallon admitted that Roberts had an "honest face," he remembered that she's a very good actor. She fooled Fallon regardless!

After Fallon's turn, in which he was unable to fool Roberts, it was her turn again. That's when she produced the Meloni Beefaroni from her box. 

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"I am so filled with joy right now," Roberts said as soon as she saw Christopher Meloni's Baloney-Flavored Beefaroni, described on its fake label as "The Only Canned Pasta from a Law & Order Cast Member.

"This is something that makes me think of my childhood in Smyrna Georgia," Roberts said. Explaining that her mom would occasionally let them have a tinned treat food, she described it as "a can of beef flavored, noodle-y goodness." 

No one could ever possibly guess a name that good, so Roberts decreed she and Fallon should "split the points." But we're the true winners, because hearing Julia Roberts say "Christopher Meloni's Baloney-Flavored Beefaroni" was very fun.