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Why Jason Momoa Took His Shirt Off While Singing Christmas Carols w/ Kelly Clarkson

The actor did the move in a victorious dance. 

By Jackie Manno

On The Kelly Clarkson Show on December 18, Kelly Clarkson brought on Jason Momoa for a fun Christmas version of Sing That Name That Tune. The rules? Clarkson's band (My Band Y'all) will play a song, and Clarkson and Momoa will have to guess it. The twist? They also have to sing the song, and points will be rewarded on accuracy of lyrics and enthusiasm. 

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Jason Momoa takes his shirt off on The Kelly Clarkson Show

The first song of Sing That Name That Tune was "Deck the Halls," which Clarkson guessed correctly almost immediately.  

"I'm gonna kill you in this," Clarkson teased to Momoa. Clarkson continued her streak by guessing "Jingle Bells" correctly instantly again. 

"You gotta sing the song, man!" Host Rubin Ervin said to Momoa.

The next song was "Joy to the World," and even though Clarkson and Momoa stepped onstage around the same time, Momoa sang with so much gusto, that he was given two points, making him tie with Clarkson. 

Jason Momoa and Kelly Clarkson sit together

"Please, if you ever go to karaoke, invite me. I just wanna be there," Clarkson said. 

When it was time for the last song, the ball could be in anybody's court. When "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" started playing, Clarkson and Momoa stepped onstage and started singing the lyrics simultaneously, making it a close call. 

They then high fived each other, noting their "beautiful duet." 

"I almost let you win," Ervin said to Clarkson. "But then [Momoa] grabbed my shoulder, and I was very afraid. So, AQUAMAN WINS!" he said as the crowd stood up cheering. 

Momoa was so excited about his victory that he took his shirt off and ran around the stage.

"Everyone is a winner here though, especially us, because he took his shirt off," an appreciative Clarkson said.  

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Jason Momoa on how music keeps him balanced

Close up of Jason Momoa on The Kelly Clarkson Show

While on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Momoa discussed something important that he and Clarkson have in common: Music. The actor is a skilled guitar player, and he keeps his instrument with him during his many travels. 

"Well, I'm kinda like you," Momoa said.

"Then you must be nuts!" Clarkson joked. 

Momoa chuckled. "There's a lot going on, so I feel like it helps me sit still and be quiet. Its nice to have something that calms me. Music helps. And then obviously playing guitar just helps my creativity," he explained.