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Where to Watch NBC's The Office

All nine seasons are available to watch right now

By Trent Moore

The Office is one of the most beloved comedies of all time, and seems to only get more popular with each passing year. Whether you love "Scott's Tots," want to toast the cringe with Jan and Michael at the “Dinner Party,” enjoy all of Jim's pranks on Dwight, or just marvel at the man who is Stanley Hudson, there's something to love in every episode of the iconic NBC comedy. 

How to Watch

Watch every episode of The Office on Peacock.

The hit series, which was a tentpole on NBC’s mid-2000s schedule, is a documentary-style scripted comedy that follows the employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company's Scranton, PA office, tracking everything from the workplace crushes to the hilarious office politics. The series is an adaption of the UK comedy of the same name, and premiered on NBC in 2005.

How To Watch Episodes of The Office?

Peacock is the streaming home of NBC's The Office. All nine seasons are available to stream on Peacock, NBC's streaming service. Watch the complete series on Peacock.

Maybe you've seen every episode a few dozen times, or maybe you — gasp! — haven't, but are meaning to watch in order to better understand those GIFs your friends send back-and-forth in your group chat. Lucky for all of us, all nine seasons — that's 203 episodes — are available to watch right now.

How Many Seasons of The Office Are There?

The Office aired for 9 seasons from March 24, 2005 through May 16, 2013 on NBC. 

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Interestingly enough, season-length typically differed year-to-year on The Office. The first season was comprised of just six episodes, as the network was giving the American adaptation of the British hit a chance to find its legs. Ratings were good enough to bring the show back for a 22 episode second season, which was followed by a 25 episode third season. The fourth season was comprised of 19 episodes, the fifth season had 28 episodes, the sixth season had 26 episodes, the seventh season had 26 episodes, the eighth season had 24 episodes, and the series’ ninth and final season featured 25 episodes.

Ratings and popularity for the comedy peaked around seasons four and five, where the series often averaged 8-10 million viewers per night.

When Did The Office End?

The Office aired its two-part finale on May 16, 2013, on NBC. But it’s worth noting the final season felt like both a soft reboot and farewell tour for the long-running comedy. The show introduced a few new characters to the ensemble in the final season, and starting laying the groundwork for character arcs for the series’ eventual end by around midseason. 

The final season found the employees of Dunder Mifflin moving into the next phases of their lives after and within the paper company, as well as preparing for the long-awaited docu-series that served as the impetus for the show itself. The final four episodes, presented as two two-part episodes, dealt with the release of the docu-series and a subsequent reunion for the employees once the “documentary” had become a cult hit. 

What About Peacock’s SuperFan Extended Episodes?

In addition to the original run of The Office’s nine seasons, Peacock has gone above and beyond for fans, rolling out extended “SuperFan” episodes of the first six seasons (and counting), with extra-long episodes restoring cut and deleted scenes from the show’s original run. Everything from alternate jokes and gags, to full-on minor story arcs that were originally cut for time, have been added back along the way.

The extended “SuperFan” episodes of The Office are loaded with fresh material, with 10-15 minutes often added to the original 22 minute episode run times. The new footage is probing to be an absolute treasure trove of new material for hardcore fans.

Where was The Office Filmed?

Though The Office famously takes place at the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of Dunder Mifflin, the series was actually filmed almost entirely in California on a sound stage. Which is a relatively common practice for most television shows.

But, the intro and some b-roll footage from the series was filmed in Scranton to give it that hometown look, and the show frequently used real businesses and references (i.e. Poor Richard's Pub, Cooper's Seafood and Alfredo's Pizza Cafe) from the Scranton area to provide authenticity. 

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