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Enemies Onscreen, Friends IRL? What Shanola Hampton and Mark-Paul Gosselaar Really Think of Each Other

Shanola Hampton and Mark-Paul Gosselaar are developing a humorous friendship on the set of Found, as you can see in this video.

By Caitlin Schunn

Shanola Hampton and Mark-Paul Gosselaar play anything but friends on screen, but on the set of Found, airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC, it’s a much different story. 

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Gosselaar portrays Sir, the scary kidnapper who captured Hampton’s Gabi Mosely as a child. Gabi then tracked her captor down and chained him up in her basement, only to use his criminal mind to help her solve missing persons cases. But in real life, Hampton and Gosselaar can’t stop laughing behind the scenes, as seen in the video, above.

Are Shanola Hampton and Mark-Paul Gosselaar friends?

Hampton was chatting with the cameras for this hilarious NBC Insider video (filmed prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike) when Gosselaar snuck up behind her and scared her, causing Hampton to shout “Oh mother freaker!” That moment seems to describe their relationship to a T.

“And then there’s this one actor whom I really am learning to accept for who he is,” Hampton said with some sarcasm to NBC Insider, indicating she and Gosselaar have a unique friendship on set.

Hampton poked fun at her co-star, as well as at his hyphenated first name.

“The first meeting that I had with him, I said, ‘So is it Mark?’” Hampton said. “He’s like, ‘It’s Mark-Paul or MP.’ So, be clear, you have to have both names, OK? Mark-Paul or MP. I don’t know if everybody knows that.”

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As the two ribbed about his name, she accused him of saying his name with an “attitude,” to which he responded, “I say everything with an attitude.”

Gabi Mosely talking to Sir in found episode 4

Hampton also jokingly suggested Gosselaar might have a bit of a big head about his career, which started as a teen heartthrob on Saved by the Bell.

“Sometimes, just when you’re in this business for such a long time, you know, you become — you sometimes get a bit of arrogance about it,” Hampton told NBC Insider. “Arrogant’s not the right word.”

Hampton hinted that the two spend a lot of time together.

“It feels like you’re almost breathing down people’s necks, right?” she said, as Gosselaar hovered closely over her shoulder. “When you’re working with this person, and you just, you can’t get a break. It’s like six feet apart, you know?”

Despite her joking protestations at filming with Gosselaar, it was clear Hampton and Gosselaar have a lot of love for each other. As the two were shown constantly laughing on set while filming a promotion for Found, Hampton told the producers, “You got to use that, because he’s the best.”

Watch Found Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC and the next day on Peacock.