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We Now Know Sir's Real Name on Found — Here's How

Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays a kidnapper obsessed with manners and order on Found.

By Joe Dziemianowicz

For Gabi Mosely, rescuing missing people, especially ones who often get short shrift, is a life’s mission on Found, airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

How to Watch

Watch Found on NBC and Peacock.

It’s a perilous calling for the crisis management expert, one informed by personal trauma. Gabi (Shanola Hampton) was abducted when she was 16 and freed herself from her captor.

The 20th anniversary of her daring escape has her case back in the news, along with the name and face of the kidnapper. He calls himself Sir, but as noted during a TV interview with Gabi about her work, that’s an alias.

What is Sir’s real name on Found?

It’s been 20 years since Gabi liberated herself from her abductor, Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar).  A televised report about that date featuring Gabi reveals that her kidnapper’s real name is Hugh Evans.

Sir appears with his arms crossed looking away.

An infographic also shows an age-progressed image of him and notes that he was last seen on August 21, 2003 in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area.

While authorities have an idea of what he looks like now, his whereabouts are a mystery. Hugh Evans remains “in the wind,” according to Joy Reid, who appears as herself on the NBC drama.

“Does it haunt you that your kidnapper was never found?” Reid asks Gabi.

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“Haunt? No. He has no power over me anymore,” says Gabi. “I took my life back and now I help other forgotten ones like me, the ones that no one seems to be looking for.”

While law enforcement is still on the hunt for Evans, Gabi knows exactly where he is. She tracked down her abductor seven months earlier and imprisoned him in the basement of her home. She relies on the way his criminal mind works to help her solve her missing-persons cases. 

Why does he call himself Sir?

The highfalutin moniker, Sir, suggests a sense of entitlement and superiority. In a flashback, he’s seen schooling a captive Gabi about charm bracelets. In the present, he refuses to help Gabi track down a sex worker who’s gone missing.

Teen Gabi, Bella, and Sir seated around a dinner table

“This woman does not deserve my brilliance,” he says.

But Gabi is in complete control now. “I tell you what to help with and you help with it,” she says. “Save your puritanical crap!”

Gabi then ups the ante: “You don’t want to obey, you don’t eat,” she says. “Sound familiar?”

That was the same torturous tactic Hugh Evans used on Gabi when he held her against her will — and it proves persuasive.

Now a burning question looms large: Will the renewed interest in Gabi’s kidnapping and escape and the eerily accurate rendering of Sir have an impact on the dark secret she’s got in her basement?

Meanwhile, Lacey Quinn (Gabrielle Walsh), a law school student who works at Gabis firm, was also taken by Sir — and she’s focused on the image of him on the news. It’s yet another piece of this intricate puzzle.

To keep up with the twisty drama, watch Found, airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.